What I learn Today – May 09, 2017 – Part 2

I really don’t want to miss this opportunity, to share something very interesting simple yet effective approach, which we all find it hard to start and make a routine out of it.

This difficult task is called “Exercise”, I was a regular gym guy, have been into sports since Class 1, now I am 39 years old. And for the past 3 years, I haven’t done anything substantial at all. My weight has gone sky rocketed. Since if you are a regular person in any exercise or physical routine, once you leave, your body tend to expand.

I was just talking with one regular blogger by the name of Daily Rambling, whose perseverance, commitment and strong will is reflected from this little chat we had. I hope you will enjoy this learning session with me. Please do pass your comments, as to how you like it, I love the simplicity of this advice and the effectiveness it can create to get me back into action.

Just start simple. Begin with something so ridiculous you can establish a habit. I’d begin with 5 pushups–that’s it. Do this for one week, same time, each day.

Start tomorrow, whenever you decide. The key to building habits is to start ridiculously small. Something you could do even if you were sick. Start with 5 pushups. Once you knock this out for a week (all 7 days), add situps or some other exercise. The key is to start and keep going forever. Slowly, you’ll do more and more and more and you’ll feel better, better, then better. Then it becomes addictive, but in a good way!

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