How to overcome writers block

I have been inactive for a long time, time constraints couple up with what to write after the break, makes me all more lethargic to write anything.

But for past couple of days I have been active on WP. So all those facing the same issues like me, my suggestion and solution is simple, just spend time on other people blog, don’t go to everyone if you don’t like.

If you like a blog, just spend time on it, read it and try to write genuine comment upon it.

Do it for couple of days, and I promise you will start writing your first blog from this block.

If you like this suggestion or have any other solutions to it, please do let me know and others as well.

17 Replies to “How to overcome writers block”

  1. I can heavily relate, sometimes just writing can help get you going but its a very frustrating process. I like your post, check out my last.. (message 17) and let me know what you think!

    1. Thanks for visiting, I have been travelling lately, so couldn’t able to reply to you soon. I understand, it is frustrating your mind is completely shut off. You do want to write but don’t want too. It’s like pause and play button going at the same time.

      Will check it out your last blog.

    1. Actually, I have been lazy whenever i am coming home these days, in office dead busy, so by the time i reach home i am already brain dead.

      Not having weekend off as well, and plus i write for myself. Rather than for the purpose of writing. 😉

      1. Yes, sometimes it is so: life & job hits. All at once.
        Me too. I’m writing only if it’s fun and for my own laugh. I’m working from home so I can plan my time the way I want, so it’s easier…
        My advice: even short note (but meaningful) is worth posting. Even if you share a quote or photo – it’s already blogging.
        But never mind. I took a break for 8 months as u know. I think it’s totally fine time to time 🙂

        1. Thanks to my dear for the vote of confidence, it is rightly so. You should write when you want not when you have too. But I think having a big break is not ideal as well. This is what I am observing at my end. To get back to write is more difficult than I thought.

          How is everything at your end, what you are up to these days, I have gone for extensive travelling at my end, went to two countries. Filled me up with a due break and now wanted to travel more and more to different exotic locations.

  2. I think it’s a great suggestion to spend more time on one blogger’s article. I have started doing that, and I enjoy the experience of reading other’s work. And it helps me to not so over-welmed by the amount of articles to read out there. I apply the same thing to watching shows on Netflix. Anyhow, thanks for sharing! 😸

    1. That’s wonderful to hear it, I think it’s a better approach towards your follower as well.

      My personal take is, if someone follows you, you are not obliged to him. In case, you do, you might be giving a favour in short term, but from longer prospective and the health of the blogger itself, is harmful in the sense, I won’t add any value to the person blog.

      For e.g. I can’t understand poetry at all. So just giving a like, I am first lying to myself and the other. 2nd, I am not helping the blogger to grow organically and make efforts to create ideas.

      If just the purpose is to have followership, than I believe this is not a platform for it.

      So I did alot of different strategies, to come up with this solution at my end.

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