Srilanka Trip – 2018

I needed a break, was planning to go to Europe for 2 years or so, but don’t know what struck me, We ended up going to Srilanka just suddenly with 30 days before applying for a visa, booking flights, watching videos and blogs about it, arranging the hotels, making changes after changes. And then finally was able to go and visit an amazing place on earth with wonderful smiling and simple people.

In case, if you haven’t been to Srilanka, I would say a big yes you should! It tickmark all my areas. I am a big nature lover, so a big part of it covers it.

In order to slowly comes back from my writer’s block, I will start sharing pictures from the trip worth looking at. Hope you all will love it as well. And if you have any question, please do ask me. I will be glad to answer it.

2 Replies to “Srilanka Trip – 2018”

  1. Very pretty flowers! I’ve never been to Sri Lanka but I know it’s supposed to be a beautiful place, I’d love to visit – will look forward to your posts and photos from the trip! x

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