The Art of Applying Knowledge!!!

– One lamp to the other.
– Close fist with open fist.
– Choose the easiest way out of the options.

Today’s lesson came from one of my colleague, I have been facing some issues on which I have been working on. It has been 3 years or so since I have been working in my present organization, and recently started to have sedentary sittings with him.

It’s mine and my other colleagues admiration towards him (Masha Allah, Alhamdolillah and In sha Allah Taalah) that the way he tackle with the issue has led me to write this blog post.

This is was second major sitting with him, when I was stuck up with something big, and in each of my issues, he came up with some very simple, logical, practical and objective driven answers.

When we are finished, I asked him the secret ingredient/s of his simple magical trouble shooting tip.
He said, before I start anything or is involved in any issue, I recite the following Quranic Verses:

سُبْحَانَكَ لاَ عِلْمَ لَنَا إِلاَّ مَا عَلَّمْتَنَا إِنَّكَ أَنتَ الْعَلِيمُ الْحَكِيمُ

English Translation:

“Glory be to You, we have no knowledge except what you have taught us. Verily, it is You, the All-Knower, the All-Wise.”

Reference: Surah Al-Baqarah (The Cow) Chapter 2, Verse no. 32

He said, The most important thing is to give everything into the Hands of Allah Subhan Waa Taalah / God. Once you are submissive to HIM, you will realize, how things started to work out for you.
Secondly, As per the teachings of the Last Prophet of Allah Subhan Waa Taalah / God Prophet Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him, is to choose the easiest option out of the available choices. He said, when you are submissive and gave everything to Allah Subhan Waa Taalah / God to help you, your mind comes up towards either the exact solution or different options comes up in front of you. You just has to choose which is the easiest amongst the choices.

That’s the secret ingredient of his simple trouble shooting tip.

He carries on and gave me one more great advice, which I would like to share for my future reference and for everyone.

He said, my father advised me, if you light one lamp, from another lamp, the light of the first lamp will never fade out, similarly, when you share knowledge with others, it will never fade out, instead it will grow. He further gave an example, if you close the fist of your hand with something, what lies in the fist will remain, but if you open it for everyone to take what’s in it, you will end up not only giving what you have but also in receiving more as well.

Similarly, when you share knowledge it will never be reduced but enhanced unlike wealth. If you give it to someone, you will be left at one time with nothing, but if you spread the knowledge, it will remain with you forever.

He said, in our profession which is Finance and Accounts and generally as well, people have a natural tendency, to hide things, not to share so that others with benefit, he said, if someone is destined to be in my seat, he will come irrespective, I share something with him or not.

Ladder to success and achievementThat comes to my final lesson of the day, Don’t read Quran or any other book the way it is, apply what’s written in it, in your practical life, only than you will get the charm and benefit of it in real life, which is THE “Art of Applying Knowledge”.

So today’s lesson for me and for everyone is:






Learning Language!!!

ExcuseI was talking with my colleague to learn Arabic language, he said that if you are really serious, you can learn it in 3 months. I went up to him, and asked if he can assist me in achieving this goal.

He replied, in the most simple and straight forward way, that touches me.

“If you want to learn Arabic or any language, you have to stop talking in English and Urdu, and only speak in Arabic to me, he said, his children are in French school, so in the school bus, they talk only in French and English. In classroom and in school they are not allowed to speak in English or Arabic. So this is the only way forward. You have to stop half English and half Arabic, like I usually do with my Arabic colleague.

It reminds me of my story, for learning English language. It’s not quite long ago, that I started writing, I guess hardly 5 – 6 years back, that I actively concentrated in writing at all.

The writing attribute has to be given to one and only one person, my Aunty and like my mother Parveen Rasmuseen. Who encouraged me so much and got inspired from my small philosophical statuses on facebook. Later on, others too joined the station wagon. And so it all started at my end. And finally couple of years back, I actually moved into this blog arena. Since I was very inspired with some beautiful write-ups by some friends in my list.

Moreover, if I go a little back, my English language took a huge stride in terms of spoken and written English when I was in High School. I still remember that day, and I will never forget it. Our first day, in English literature class, please keep in mind, I belong to Pakistan and English language is not our mother tongue, and moreover, even studying in English Medium School, will not guarantee that you will start speaking or writing perfectly the way it should be. Since after the English Class, we all resume to talk in Urdu. Due to cultural mindset, narrow farsightedness and shallowness I would say.

Anyway, our teacher Mrs. Rizwan, enters the class, and said from this day onwards in my class, no one is allowed to speak a single Urdu word. She was a very sweet, calm and a patience teacher I would say. She said, and I still remember.

“Don’t worry, what you are speaking, just speak, come on speak to me in English”.

Till now, I remember, I and everyone was looking at each other, as to who will break the ice.

Finally Mrs. Rizwan, encouraged us more and said if you don’t speak to me now, you will never learn anything. And all your life, you will be like this. I don’t know what prompted me, but it really inspires me to go ahead, against all odds. So all the lights of the stadium are now focused on me.
I sometimes laugh at myself, when I recall that scene, I was so nervous and my heart beat was so pumping, that instead of He I said She . So you can imagine what my level was. I made so many grammatical errors. All the classmates were bursting in laughter. I was way ashamed, but my teacher stood by me. She encouraged me so much, that I stood up, against all the others. She said, remember you all. Shahzad you will progress since you are took the first one to take this difficult step. Later on, it took a lot more time for me to start speaking confidently.

And now looking back, after 18 odd years, I realize and felt that had I didn’t took that step, I will never reach this level at all.

My school teacher on our pass-out, wrote this piece of advice for me:

“All this world is froth and bubble, two things stands above: 1) Courage in your own 2) Kindness in others trouble” – Miss Mulla – 1994.

Are you still in that phase or mind or task or have something in your mind, to take that giant step like I did, trust me while writing this blog. I am saying to myself, go ahead with your plans that I am planning these days. It will be difficult, way difficult. I will fail but I will rise up. Since God is always watching us. We just have to have faith in ourselves and upon God. The rest is history.

Death of a society!!!

It’s sad to see, when the teacher commitment is more than the subject he teaches. There are some professions in the world, that I felt are most honorable than any other thing, one of them is teaching, it’s “THE” profession that makes a society, you can tell a society or a person by the teachers the person has been groomed by. This story has effected me, and it’s painful to read stories like this, irrespective it belongs to whatever country. I personally believe, teachers of any kind should be the highest paid profession in the world, since that what the world go around.

Last year, a delegation from Malaysia came in our office, on an official visit, my colleague who was dealing with them, told me that in Malaysia, the most powerful ministry is the Ministry of Education and not Ministry of Defence like in the rest of the world. Almost or majority of the former Prime Ministers have been the former Education Minister or have some affiliation with this Ministry. This simple knowledge about Malaysia, speaks volumes about the society and how it’s people will be. I am copying below the article that I am referring below.

A teacher in Saudi Arabia has attributed his absence from school to the loss of a match by his favourite football team.

“Honestly, I was psychologically affected by the defeat of my team,” Rami Al Zahrani wrote in the school form to explain why he did not show up for work as school resumed on February 23, following the two-day weekend.

The teacher was obviously an avid fan of the Riyadh-based Al Nasr Club that failed on Friday to win the Crown Prince Cup after losing to its arch-rival Al Hilal, also from the Saudi capital, on penalties.

The teacher pledged to bring “within one week” the required evidence to support his inability to teach on that day, local Arabic daily Al Sharq reported on Wednesday.

Article continues below

Saudi Teacher excuse for leave of absence

A picture of the school form and the teacher’s explanation was widely distributed via Instagram, the booming photo application.

Saudis are well-known for their love for football and matches, particularly derbies, are often well attended, attracting thousands of fans.

The run-up to the match and the game have received wide coverage in the local print, electronic and broadcasting media.