You want change!

Read a very interesting saying, very thought provoking, so sharing with you all. Someone asked an old man, give me an advice. The old man said, "Have you ever clean dishes" The man said, "Yes of course, but what it has to do" The old man replied, "You clean the dishes from inside first"


How Leaders are born

I received the below message from someone, a very insightful lesson for all of us. I don't know the authenticity of this message, but I learn something good and deep, thought to share with you all. President Xi Jingping of China said: When I was a little child , I was very selfish, always grabbed …

What to do

For some strange reasons, I don't want to work today. I have couple of things lined up as usual. But something telling me, take your time. Take one day at a time. What you do, on such days at your end? I know it's called procrastination, but sometimes you have too do it isn't it!

What I learn – February 19, 2018

It's been ages I write a post in this category. So many things I have learned from last time I posted on this subject till today. However, yesterday I found something very interesting so thought to revive my this blog post series. In Oman, on wedding, at the time of signing the marriage agreement (Nikah) …

10 short stories with deep meanings

This is not my writeup, someone shared it on Facebook at my end, sharing it since I felt the message in it, shows the different colors in our life: 1) She was very excited today, after all the school was re-opening after a long summer break. Now, once again, she could start selling stationery at …