Objective of the day – April 27th till 29th, 2017 (3 Min Read)

(By the end of this post, you will say, I am crazy lol)

Its been somedays, I didn’t able to pull this series as I would have promised. Had stressful days in office, but it’s not an excuse. Although I am happy to post something rather than nothing. So it a + for sure. 

In terms of managing myself, I always find a struggle to keep a check on my list of things to complete. I get involved in various things at the same time. That’s it’s hard to kill one completely before the next. Everything goes side by side. So have to juggle it into my priority list.

I learned it from one of my boss Muhammad  Basheer Jumma, he was a partner in EY, who specialises in time management as well. He said to me, take a paper and divide it into 4. Right down each task into these 4 categories: 

– Urgent

– Very Important 

– Important 

– Others

I have been managing my task accordingly, either on a piece of paper or mentally. But believe me it does wonders, specially for professionals and people like me, who do multitasking at extreme level.

So below are the list of task which I haven’t yet prioritise it, but thought to jolt down first: 

– Send some payment to 3 people.

– Finish all the reconciliation for Quarter closing.

– Finish the Interfund Reconciliation and handover notes to my colleague.

– Contact the relevant people identified about Home Gardening project.  

– Make the list for number of doors and for each room separately with the intended paint. 

– Go to shop with wife and finalise the color for every room.

– Finish the validation of transactions. 

– Create a new email ID for WD

– Clean all emails routing from WD in my personal account. 

– Help wife with purchasing something for home. 

– Make the DYI as promised. 

– Delete the abundance of pictures in the camera and sort out for future post and personal use. 

– Help my daughter in Homework.

– Start book reading.

– Make the routine when is the best time to start the exercise  (Morning/ Afternoon) 

– Finished the Financial Statement for one fund.

– Clean up my desk from Sunday onwards till the end of the following week. 

– Start woodworking project from Saturday if possible. 

– Start following the water intake routine seriously without snoozing, and keep water bottle always with me. 

– Start practicing Speed Reading technique.

– Make the target for the completion of another professional degree till next year. 

– Make a blogging time schedule. 

– Start implementing less mobile usage, specially before the start of Ramadan. 

– Start reading one page of Quran with translation. And finish the Hifz for Surah Yaseen asap. 

– Finalise the vacation destination list with wife. 

– Print this list on the board, and sort out the laptops and network at home. 

– Purchase the equipment / tools for woodworking. 

– Make the drawing for the design and measurement in kitchen, bathrooms, hallway, drawing room, guest room.

– Call to couple of people back home. 

– Pay electricity, phone and credit bill

– Finish the NICOP card registration.

– Do the complete grocery and Eid shopping for the Ramadan.

– Purchase dates for Ramadan. 


Speechless just short of words for all those who follow. 

I got so much in short time, that I didn’t get the time to reach out you.

So please excuse me for this, and if you like, share your blog post in comment and a short description. And I will go through them. 

What I learn today – April 26, 2017 (2 min Read)

The lesson for today, is my personal experience: 

Take your life as a boxing ring, with punches of negativity thrown at you by opponent. 

In boxing, you have limited stamina, so with strategy you tuck and duck them. And keep working hard to avoid being getting hit. 

You will get hit, it’s not the issue, it’s to stand up and knock the opponent with your hard work, honest, perseverance, patience, determination, prayers.

To win you need to have the mental  than physical toughness. Your body says enough, your mind says quit. It’s were your hard work, honesty, perseverance, patience, determination and prayers that you work with, before the match come’s into play.

Remember Rocky movie motivational speech, It’s not how hard you get hit, it’s how hard you stand up and fight back. 

God gave you all the skills to fight, the underdog wins, when they have the will. You too have the courage to fight only will is needed, determination comes next. 

What I learn today – April 25, 2017 (1 min read)

Had a short interesting discussion with one of fellow blogger,ย Crafysurfย who deals with surfing board. I just happened to know surfing from movie. He knows how to make wax and almost all the things relating to Surfing. If you are interested in surfing, you have to check his blog. Since I know, alot of us, love Matthew McConaughey. He is a surfer and beach guy. I love his acting and movies alot, so if you are interested in surfing do pay a visit to his blog. I am sure you wont be disappointed. Below is what I learned today:

  • You need wax to surf, without it you can’t surf practically.
  • It takes atleast 1 bar of wax to surf for a week if one is doing daily.
  • Wax is needed, because the water break the surface, so it stick the feet on the board.
  • Wax price runs between 2 – 3 US Dollar.

What I learn today – April 24, 2017 (1 Min Read)

I am short of time, my eyes are closing. So today I have learned 2 things: 

– What is prim,  seriously didn’t know what was it lol

– In case, of grocery shopping, usually an app is available in all major cities, which list down all shopping catalogues. The main thing to search, which app gives you a search result based on your selected item from the stores listed. Instead of browsing, from each catalogue. 

Objective of the day – April 24, 2017 (1 Min Read)

It’s been one crazy start of the week. I am leaving home before 7 am and than after office had something lined up and sleeping after 12am. 

My whole schedule is such that some days, we have to go with the flow of things, rather what we planned to do. 

I am thankful to all those who recently followed me, give me a little and I will get back to you. 

As far my daily objectives are concerned, I didn’t able to finish my list of task, and neither I will able to do tomorrow as well. 

Life is short and beautiful. 

Take care of yourself. 

Sunshine Blogger Award – 2 Min Read

Hello Reades and my Fellow Bloggers, I would like to thank Bite me up with Shreyu for nominating me for โ€œSunshine Blogger Awardโ€. This is a link to her blog Bite me up with Shreyu go ahead and checkout this wonderful food blog.

This award comes as a motivation and inspiration to me for keep blogging and sharing to my readers. I am sure you will also want some sort of recognition for the hard work you put behind making a blog. So here I thank the unknown person who started this amazing intiative to inspire more people into blogging. Now I would like to explain the rules for โ€œSunshine Blogger Awardโ€

The rules of Sunshine Blogger Award are:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you in a blog post and link back to their blog.
  2. Answer the eleven questions sent by the person who nominated you.
  3. Nominate eleven blogs to receive the award and write them eleven new questions
  4. List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post and/or your blog.

My answers for the Questions asked by Shreyu :-


1 What is your inspiration to start a blog?

Answer: I wanted to express myself, I felt I can write.

2 Why did you choose this title (blog title)?

Answer: I can’t recall exactly, Someone posted a blog or wrote a comment, which inspired me to put the name “Colors of my life”, since we have different colors to express different things. My life is full of ups and down. So thought this suite better.

3 Your favourite  travel destination?

Answer: My recent best destination was Malaysia, however, I love to travel by road from Austria to Alps, or the great Alaska train it’s the most beautiful journey one can travel.

4 Your favourite dish you want to cook?

Answer: I am not a foodie, but I love BBQ or Steaks, and I cook it quite often.

5 What is your hobby other than blogging?

Answer: I got so many hobbies, Reading, Painting (I don’t do now seriously), Photography, Travelling, latest being woodworking.

6 What is your pet animal?

Answer: I don’t have any pet, but if I do like to keep, it will be horse I just love them too much.

7 What is your feeling on a rainy day?

Answer: I don’t like rain to be honest ๐Ÿ™‚

8 Where do you like to have a vacation home?

Answer: Somewhere secluded TBH, like Langkawi, but prefer to stay in Madina forever. Time stops in Madina.

9 From which part of the world are you blogging ?

Answer: Saudi Arabia

10 What is that one force that keeps you driving when you are low?

Answer: I sleep that night, and the next morning, I am usually much better.

11 Share your favourite memory?

Answer: When I hold my daughter for the first time, she was crying, and when she saw me she stops crying and my heart stop for a moment. It was my favourtie memory.

I Would like to nominate the following blogger for Sunshine Bloggerโ€™s Award.

1Mohamad Al Karbi

2 Michelle Cook

3Simple Serenity

4 emotionsoflife2016

5 Houston Photo Journal

6 Anita Bacha

7 But I Smile Anyway

8 Raynotbradbury

9 The tiny blue house

10 Words and Notion

11 Chalain


My 11 Questions for you: 

1 What is your inspiration to start a blog?

2 Why did you choose this title (blog title)?

3 Your favourite  travel destination?

4 Your favourite dish you want to cook?

5 What is your hobby other than blogging?

6 What is your pet animal?

7 What makes your day great and beautiful?

8 Where do you like to have a vacation home?

9 From which part of the world are you blogging ?

10 What is that one force that keeps you driving when you are low?

11 Share your favourite memory?

An Emotional Day – 5 Minute Read

I joined my present organisation about 8 years back. I was working in one of the Big 3 audit firm of the world. I was lost in life, depressed demotivated and wanted to change my life. 

I went to one of my client for audit, met a guy casually who was working in IT dept, we met the following day for lunch. And before we know, we both want a change and live our life, since we got a lot more to offer. 

He was programming specialist and I am finance and accounts guru. So initially we made an ERP soft ware.  Than my friend decided to do business, I without hesitation said yes, but unfortunately at that time I was broke, was not married. So I wanted to gamble. 

Big story short, I got offer while we are doing the setup of the business, from one of the biggest multilateral bank. It’s something that no one usually decline to offer. The reputation and everything is something only insane will decline. 

The interview process was one hell of an interview, the last leg of it, took 1.5 hrs of grinding by the VP and the director itself. 

I somehow got the offer letter, than afterwards I went into discussion with my close aides as to what to do. Personally, I love to establish the business I dearly wanted than it was this offer that people look forward to it. 

I took the bold step and declined it, many people said I am foolish. But I had something in my heart to follow my dreams, although I don’t have enough money to eat. 

This organisation happened to be my client in the audit firm. I went back to serve them, The director called me in and asked the reason, I explained to him. He got some amazing convincing powers and gave me a 2nd offer and time to decide. 

This time, I asked my family and close ones what to do, it was one of the most difficult decision I have to endure in my life. 

I took the difficult decision, the organisation that I was going to work had loads of issues, control issue and documentation issue the list goes on. Whatever, you touch have issues. 

In all of this, one man was determined to change everything, and ready to take the bull by its horn, fighting to make things work, fighting for principles and integrity, fighting for what is right. He worked hard to bring the right people, so that an esteemed organisation like this can rely on its figures to make good decision for the betterment of the society and community. 

I saw in him, the power of believe, commitment towards excellence, reselience, perseverance, integrity, hardwork and most of all stand for the truth. 

Recently, he decided to take early retirement, and today it was farewell for him from our dept. I went after the function to wish him goodbye and fairwell. 

I said to him, I am speechless, I can’t utter a word, I am lost of words. His reply was also speechless. His eyes were telling it wasnt easy to leave. 

It’s one of the most emotional days of my life. Earlier in the day, one of my very close friend, message me to pray for him, his name is listed in the downsizing. I felt down, although it’s been a crazy day for me at work, where I can’t able to talk to my wife properly. I called her and my daughter wanted to talk and I was so lost that, I didn’t know what they are talking I was Yes, hmm okay, will see. 

I wish both of them the best of all. It’s days like this, which sometimes one can’t control in life. Tell me what you do, in such circumstances? 

What I learned today – April 22, 2017 (Less than 1 minute read)

A very interesting and horrific fact: 

In 17 countries of the world, mainly Central Asia and Russia. The would be brides are kidnapped by the groom and often by his friends and family members and in some cases clerics are also involved. 

On the bride head a white scrap is wrapped as a symbol of marriage. And if she runs she is disgraced. Many such women committed suicide.  

Blank – 1 Minute Read

My mind is empty:

We have degrees and knowledge but no education. 
We have time that has been same, since the earth started, yet we often complain lack of time.

We have plenty of food, choices, varieties, information about food unlike before. Yet we have abundance of illness and hunger.

We have all, that once are luxuries of life and now it become necessity, yet the basic necessities of life are still luxury.

We have pile of money, that our forefathers never dream to earn, yet we are waiting for month end salary to come early.

We have abundance of natural resources, yet we have shortage of basic commodity. 

We have abundance of love in our heart, yet we are short of compassion to give. 

We have people to talk to in person, yet we want to talk online. Our lips sealed and hand started to talk. 

We wanted to do so much in life, yet we want permission from someone to do it. 

What I learn today – April 20, 2017

First I forgot to write this post, I just remember I have to write.

So I have been thinking, what I learn today, trying to scratch my memory. Seriously, I thought I haven’t learned anything yesterday. But than I was able to recall what I learned yesterday.

If you use computer monitor and laptop, (I don’t know whether all monitors have these features or not, so do check and let me know) than you can use both the screen at the same time. 

You can put one window on laptop of website you are visiting and on the 2nd something else. 

However, I use to change this setting by going to setting and than do it.  

The learning part is, their is a short cut key for it. The window icon + P it will the option. 

In case you dont know what to do. I use extended option. It will ask your main screen will be built in + desktop or desktop + built-in. If you take the 1st one, your laptop is your main screen and monitor is your secondary screen. 

Similarly you have clone feature, which will be both going to be same screen.

I hope you also have learn something, please do share your thoughts. And thanks to everyone who commented and shared what they learned and also you might have learn something new by liking it. 

Objective of the day – April 20th, 2017

Wow what a day it has been for me. Had been knee stuck in work. People talking behind my back to my boss, Bhoo!!! Whereas, I am stuck up in pile of work, so sooner or later as always, my boss expectation’s will be different lol. I always proved him wrong, and he has weird explanation to justify his judgement. 

Anyway, enough of rant. We have Friday and Saturday as weekend, in case you don’t know about Saudi Arabia. So the objective for the weekend starting from today till Saturday evening will be: 

– Sort out from all my previous blog what are the remaining objectives, I haven’t achieved so far. 

– Make the new DYI, which is really awesome and so so so so simple. 

– Spend time with family, for sure, but have to do something different. 

– Find a very big box, for the next DYI project. 

– Plan how to manage the blog, work and personal stuff. 

– Try to figure out, how to make Dovetail joint. If anyone know, please help me, I am confused in a small thing. 

– Clean up as much as possible, my computer data. 

– Start reading my leftover books, from start I believed. 

– Fix the car related stuff. 

What I learn today – April 19, 2017

I got some interesting set of discussion with various blogger. So I leared from yesterday till now the below two things: 

  1.  If you are into organising yourself and plan the things, than better divide your daily task / things to do / objective into two parts broadly: 

– Morning

– Evening

I personally think it’s a great way to be more conscious of your available time and how to complete any given task. Rather than just list things down to do it. 

     2. Haiku: A Japanese form of poetry, which is short, usually 6 words with 3 lines. I am loving it. 

What’s you learn today? 

Objectives of the day – April 19, 2017

Its will super busy days coming up. I have a new role, that everyone is counting upon me, since everyone is depending on it. With practically no proper handover, which I don’t like TBH. But the positive part is the amount of learning I have to put in. 

So today’s objective is simple: 

– List down things and make a plan to kill it. 

– Help my wife a lot more at home ๐Ÿ™‚