Travel Diary – Srilanka Part 1

We planned to go to Europe this year, I have been reading and some sort of planning as well. But at the 11th hour, we have to scrap our plan.

The frustration creeps in, which was bound to happened. Me and wife was striking off next destination of choice from our list due to this mindset.

Finally I decided why don’t we go to Srilanka. Unfortunately, couple of months back there was Buddist riots so I was bit hesitant, but after check from various sources, we found everything is under control, and it was.

We went for 15 days, it was splendid and it tick mark all our vacation getaway.

Srilanka offer, less typical city and hustling and bustling life, which is why I will prefer it over other South Asia and South East Asian countries if one is interested in getting low. Except in Colombo to some extent as compared to it’s neighbouring countries.

Its quite, clean, green, serene, relaxing, smoothing, easy going, welcoming, cultural, historic, budget friendly, nature loving and most importantly tourist friendly.

To show you how friendly they really are, you will find the same nature while passing by anywhere. We hired a private car, to take us around everywhere we can. We covered almost half of Srilanka. And from normal people to armed forces standing on the street, we see this welcoming smiling face through out our journey.

While on city tour of Colombo, I saw this old man walking, and I was taking picture while being driven. He saw me and start waving his hand. And that attitude we saw from children, adult and senior citizen from all walk of life.

I would recommend you to visit this amazing place by yourself to express the vastness of this land from the heart of it’s people.

I am sure, your every penny spend will be worth enough.

Good bye whoever you are!

I will always remember your welcoming gesture and smile 🙂

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