It’s amazing and strange that when I am lost, like a person who have lost senses and dont where he is going and what others are doing. I am able to find something to bring back colors in life.

I was lost for sometime, the more this world going insane the more I am getting lost and insane, the more I am getting quiet.

I have to push myself to talk to someone. I prefer to be quiet than talkative. I prefer to observe people than communicate with them. Each person show so much to talk to myself just by looking at them. Call me judgemental and bias person. But what I think a person is, turns out to be true.

I was traveling back home, though I was pushed to go due to personal reasons, but I was trying to search something for myself. I need a quiet time.

The more I go off grid the more I find tranquility, the more I travel far from cities and less people the more I find myself to enjoy with.

This time around I was seeking something deep inside to make me be like normal average person living on this earth.

My braincell reminds me of a very old promise I made with my mom, which children usually do when they are kids. Parents often forget it or just think as a good memory and go ahead. Kids completely forgot about it, unless way later parents while sharing memories tell them about it.

I remind myself about that dream or desire or promise I made when I was kid.

So I find some new colors in my life to brighten things up, time is short to paint this canvas, my mom is old so have to rush things up.

But I wonder are parents making kids dream big for them to follow up. Make them do obnoxious things, let them create artificial figures in the mind, chase after imaginary figures, let them make a fool of them so they constantly find themselves.

I see kids more on laptop and mobile than in play area. Place where children can shout at the top of the voice, and be themselves is what this world truly needs. Not what is being given to them as a set pattern. Let them be what they wanted how they wanted.

Children should make noise, mess and create stuff that should be dream of them.

And we the adults should think what we have dreamed to make it materialize and I am sure this will surely bring colors to your life like never before.

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