Yesterday got this news, that I have been posting since 8 years. Wow, I wish they put some stats in it. Though I can see, but that will motivate me more to write.

Anyway, I am greatful to so many regular visitors, love to all of them. Thank you for bearing my rant and being part of my colors of life.

Love you


30 Replies to “Anniversary”

    1. Yes you can say that for sure, Which reminds me, I remember you also went to Srilanka long time back, isn’t it?

      Any particular things worth visit. I am going for 14 days, so hope to see alot as per my itinerary.

    1. Yes Mayfly, it was basically started when I was in lowest period of my life. And now it has gone to 8 years. Times fly and time changes as well.

      It shows, nothing remains forever, and we should strike to make and accept the changes.

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