Are you happy with your life?

Are you living your life or going with the life or spending your life or taking things at a time or just shutting yourself up or have no clue what is going on! 

I am asking because when I am seeing these days life, the above questions are coming in my mind, everywhere the people in general are going with the same mindset however, there are exceptions but few. 

Life getting tougher rather than ease up. Life in 80’s are way good than in 90s and onwards! 

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        1. Sorry for the late reply, I am not a professional blogger, I rarely got the time to blog these days, since I have a very hectic routine which starts at 4:00 am and ends at 11 or 12pm almost daily.

          So to make a commitment to you, which I know I can’t do justice, is better not to make one.

          Let me know if I can be of any assistance.

  1. FANTASTIC! You have proven yourself to be a very skilled individual who has the capacity to do great things with their life. Continue to make us proud as you face new challenges and adventures.Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thanks Kedy for your encouraging comment.

      I try to find and explore myself. I let myself lost and loose, and make people say to me, you can’t do this. Than when things go out of hand, I try to pull the bucket up from the depth of the well.

      I guess my whole life is like this.

      Thanks for stopping by at my end.

    1. Thanks for your input, appreciate your honest input.

      I agree with you, the reason for this, I believe we live in a rat race world. Where we are work, eat and sleep than take rest for 1 day practically than go again.

      I too enjoyed your honest reply, thanks for stopping by at my end.

  2. I think time is an illusory concept and to think that you have time is a thought of the present itself. So I mean the present is all we really have to do anything isn’t it? Work with what you’ve got. There’s a really good book I would recommend by Eckhart Tolie – The power of Now πŸ‘…nice blog btw.

    1. Thanks Karishma for your meaningful reply in depth.

      I concur with you the same, what we have is now, tomorrow hasn’t arrived yet, so why to cry for and past is gone.

      Aaaahhh the books, since I got married, and have a kid it’s been ages since I have finished a book..I guess since I got married up til now I have finished hardly 2 books if I am not wrong. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  3. I remember my friend’s Grad Ma. also shared to us the same to this. ❀

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  4. Life is hard but it’s our choice to live it right with joy if we just let things be accept it and try to find happiness by actually doing what we really want nit what other people expect us to do, and yes i am happy

    1. Thanks for your input, really appreciated.

      Yes, I have observed, if we try to live like the way you mentioned, someone out their doesn’t prefer it the same way. They do try to influence you into accepting what they think it’s should be or tries to make us uncomfortable.

      For eg in office, if you do what you are supposed to do, and you complete it on time and leave. You boss will think you are under achiever and won’t promote or give you increments.

      Your colleague will try to backstabbing your achievements and hardwork.

      Boss will first try to demotivate and than force in someway to put more work on you.

      This just one example. So how in such instances Melody Rafee keep up being positive, would love to hear, her personal example!

      1. You have a point but i still believe that you shouldn’t let anyone effect you or your life style, you don’t need someone to tell that your good you should know that deep in your heart doesn’t really matter if your boss thinks not you’re good enough

        1. Once a person gets married and have a number of family responsibilities than its difficult to have the terms going as per your individual liking.

          That’s why it said, as we go older we don’t take risk as it should be 😊

  5. Still on the journey of trying to learn exactly what is life? Life is a learning experience. It’s teaching me how to be strong. Every day can’t be a sunny day and there are going to be days where I want to throw in the towel but I’ve made it this far so why not keep going? You have to take risks in life, do what makes you happy and by any means necessary. We need to stop blaming society and others as the reason as to why we aren’t happy where we are in our lives. Travel, do something you’ve always wanted to do. You won’t regret it just wish you had more time to do again. Dream big and go harder!

    1. Thank you so much Taylor for lovely in depth input. You are absolutely right, it ain’t going to be sunshine all the time.

      And you are also right about trying to learn exactly about life.

      Travel do teaches loads about things to be grateful about and know about life and it’s truest colors.

  6. Are we ever truly contented with the life that we find ourselves in? I wonder.
    This same question is what has prompted me to write.
    Please check my blog:

    1. A very good question indeed, I think content in something or in someone rest purely on ourselves.

      We can’t be content if we are not grateful to what we already have. Once we are grateful with honesty only than we become content.

      Will surely visit your site

  7. i feel like this.
    i shut myself up these days from family and friends.
    i somewhere know what makes me feel this way but i don’t know how to put them down in words for them to understand.
    maybe, i need to understand myself first.

    1. I went through this situation, it’s difficult and seriously difficult.

      My advice, write on a piece of paper what you have in mind, spill it out. Write whatever you like to write, whoever have done you good or bad and you want to express but you can’t, express it.

      Than write afresh what you want to do. Think what you like to do, what Gift of life you have with you by asking yourself what you are good at.

      Life will come in harmony with you!

      And find a friend who you can trust and speak open with him everything

  8. Life in the 80s was definitely better. We explored more, made real friends, wrote hand-written letters and did so much more than the generations after us.

    1. Very rightly said, we have real engagement and meaningful connections.

      We discuss and broaden our approach with communication.

      The handwritten letters were something that whoever writes and who receive always treat itself with them.

      A great and meaningful life full of colors.

      Excellent comment I would say! πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’ŸπŸ’ŸπŸ’Ÿ

    1. It amazes me always to have such a post being on the same lines.

      I am a great writer, please don’t embarrass me, you are too kind with your words. The pleasure of it, I will take humbly.

      Yes will look into your post.

  9. I just wrote a blog about something similar to your post. Just my personal views on life in general. basically, do what causes you to be happy. there is no right or wrong way to live as long as you are fulfilled.

    1. Wow it’s amazing, it shows we are more or less the same in different part of the world.

      Just our culture and religion amends us to certain extent. But by more or less we share a lot of similarities

  10. In the midst of all that is happening,the best thing one can do is choose to be happy most of the things that make people sad are beyond an individual’s control.

    1. I wish to learn this trade as to how to unwind ourselves from such thoughts taking over us.

      Thanks for your insight.

      Mind if I ask how you manage not letting things taking control over you.

    1. Thanks for your precious comment, no one likes terrorism, war and hatred.

      I am a staunch advocate that leaders and media plays a big part in creating differences else you and me, might not have an issue.

      But if I came to you in person and said I am a Pakistani. Automatically, you have preconceived notion created by media and leaders that all are same.

      So it’s something, that you can’t help but it’s something which media and leaders created.

      BTW the link from your picture to your blog have some issue, recheck at your end. It’s taking me to WP main page.

      1. I understand what you mean. With that, I hope the media will be more responsible with whatever they spread.
        As for the link to my blog, thank you for letting me know. I didn’t know about it. I’ve started fixing it by editing my settings but it doesn’t seem to work. 😦

        1. Media in my personal view won’t going to be responsible to what they report.

          Since once anyone comes into power their is no going backward.

          Plus with access to information, every politician takes its own gain / loss to undermine and overtake the other.

          It’s a vicious circle sorry to say!

          But we as common citizen, can make the role by not making these media houses big and feel important.

          The less their stint the better they are, else everyone starts jumping on the weak links.

          1. Yeah I notice the same thing with our local media and politicians in power here. It’s really sad how they try to brainwash the people. 😦

            1. Everywhere the media and leaders have more or less the same mentality.

              As if they are coming from the same Army type school wrt how to behave and treat the citizens which they will govern.

              It’s a free land, with decent resources to each country +/-

              However, the politicians rule as if they own the land and we are the peasants.

  11. I observe that too that majority of people are just living their lives without no clue where it is taking them. Having said that, we are goal less and clueless what are ultimate destinations should be. I count myself in. I still have to figure out what’s the aim of my life and where am I supposed to go. I believe, we all need to do this. We are not sent down on earth for merely nothing!

    1. Let me tell me, what you said it’s what exactly this blog is all about.

      If you go to the Home page, you will read more or less exactly on the same lines.

      We are clueless to what our objective of life. I have a pretty hard dogmatic believe that every person on Earth is created with some special Gift of Life.

      The person has to ask and seek about it from God and the people who are near to them.

      And once the person knows about it, serve the humanity with it. That will serve to be the true purpose of life.

      Thanks for visiting and following me and share precious insight from your end. Really appreciated.

      Sorry for the delay in reply, I was travelling to my Homeland after a long gap of 4+ years. So was out of Social Media for good.

  12. This is an amazing piece. Whenever am asked about my life I usually draw a blank. Everything seems to not be in order. I have buddies who are making huge strides but I’m still there. But just last week I came to know that I usually find comfort in writing about what is happening around me. I was scared to post my first piece but I garnered and did it today. That is how I’ve come across this wonderful post.

    Thank you so much for your previous posts, just gone through them too and they are quite encouraging.

    1. That’s awesome to read your comment believe me.

      I too faced the similar issue, I think some people are meant to balance work and life. So they always hang in middle. It’s just the acceptance of this fact which is all its required.

      I welcome to the great community. I get the same encouragement from kids as 1/3 of my age and as old as my grand mother. So don’t be afraid to express yourself.

      Share your thoughts with ease

  13. I think that nobody is completely happy and completely satisfied.But that is normal,that is life ,because life is always tends to develop .We are developing through the goals we set to ourselves. That is my opinion my friend.Thank you πŸ™‚

  14. You cannot control 100% of the things going on outside.However, you can control your outlook, your Emotions, Actions. & That internal change reflects externally leading to make you feel like life is good outside to. It is all about the state of your mind.

    1. I don’t want to control the outside, but I am observing the increasing restlessness in people growing day by day.

      And the young showed extreme reaction to situation, they are getting older with thoughts running after the future and not enjoying the present.

      Like the way we used to be, we don’t see the future like now!

    1. Seriously, life was so fun and simple.

      No hush we used to leave our house keys to neighbours and to shopkeepers near our home. In case no one at house.

      The repect for elder is more irrespective of his social status. The tolerance was a lot for everyone.

      Almost everyone gives respect to his servants as well, the youngsters we told to do house chores even with maids.

      80’s I have vivid memory since I was born in 78. But whatever I do have it was good. In 90’s with the arrival of dish atenna things becomes horrible socially culturally morally ethically and so does the family issues

  15. It depends on how you want to look at things. Overall, I am happy. Sure I may be having marriage problems and I am unhappy with my job. But I have two beautiful, healthy kids. I have money in the bank, a roof over my head and a fridge full of food. But just because I have all of that doesn’t complete me or mean I have to be complacent. I want all aspects of my life to be happy and fulfilled. That is hat my blog/story is about: restarting my life through my career!

    1. O wow sound like a very colorful life. Different shades of life in its truest format.

      I wish you strength, perseverance and courage to deal with the situation.

      And a big thanks to pass your precious comments.

      I am mainly upset with what is world turning into. A big bubble of impatience on part of world leaders, you and me might don’t have issue. But most likely our leaders have, which makes things horrible!

  16. For me, this question has to sides to it – the selfish side & the spiritual side. Selfishly, I could go on and on about how my life didn’t turn out as I expected…. but then again… my purpose in life isn’t to be happy. The world doesn’t revolve around me. With purpose, comes joy, and my purpose is in the Lord, Jesus Christ. Therefore, I am happy & blessed with my life, because with Him, I wouldn’t have one at all.

    1. Let me tell you, you being content with what you have. Makes a wonderful person.

      Very few people in billions are taking it like this. And fighting to have a life with everything in their possession.

      So you rightly said, with God one have in life, one has everything to it.

  17. First of all loved the question. Secondly, my thoughts about my life… They tend to vary all the time. Sometimes I feel like I am at the rop of the world, I am getting love from all the sides, I am going to achieve what I aspire but then comes darker days when everything becomes a mess but I don’t hate my life in fact I love it. I am very much satisfied with what I have and for you I will say always remember “whatever happens, happens for the best” and believe me this is the ultimate truth. I am telling this with whatsoever experience I have. It is going to be fine πŸ™‚

    1. I am happy with the honest reply of yours, and agreed with your motion that whatever happened happens for the best for us.

      I was thinking about my childhood, the freedom of roaming around freely, countries respect each other. People respect each other. Elders used to show affection and love to the young, youth use to support, help love, respect and obedient towards the elders.

      Leaders and law enforcement agencies used to be for the people I see now almost in every country a common people are treated as slave or not as to be served by them on average.

      The abused, hate, discrimination all started from the leaders to law enforcement agencies than to common people.

  18. What an interesting question. While it scares me that lack of values and respect that I see today, I also see lots of youth and others seeing what they can do to promote help and compassion so I think we just have encouraged them. My life is just better and worse in different ways but I’ve mostly stopped listening to the news as I will hear from others anything truly newsworthy and this way I can try to more focus on the positive and any good I can bring to the table if that made any sense.

    1. My view is that you are living a sacred life. It’s best to avoid news, which brings nothing but negativity, even the positive ones are showed in such a way that you are nothing see what others are doing and achieving.

      We too don’t see news except what usually someone send to us. Peace of mind is something a luxury these days it’s like a King life!

      Glad to have your input. I am trying to get back slow and steady have loads to catch up with all of you!

      How are you my dear friend, how is max? Will pass by at your end too.

    1. Seriously I was born in 78, so I have vivid memories of my childhood, things ain’t like this at all.

      Full of life, value, respect, peace and happiness even in poverty people are content!

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