Vacations time!

So after all I got time to write something at my end.

I am having some gruelling days going since long, where my day start at around 5am and end at 11pm normally and lately bit longer as well.

But after all this, it’s finally getting closer where I am looking forward for my 40 days annual leave. So what I have planned to do?

Well I am still adoring Southeast Asia for some reason, rather Europe. So this time I am heading to Srilanka for 14 days, than coming back and stay for 3 – 4 days, after that taking a very long road trip to Jordan.

So starting from July 20th, I might able to get lucky and start posting things, at my end, of these both trips.

But do wish me luck, since I have to do Half Yearly closing of couple of companies and finalise with auditors one complete Financial Statements which the auditor and me are not in mood, but my boss is adamant to do it. I will play my part and leave. Than he will take care of rest of the things.

So take care and stay best. 🙂

8 Replies to “Vacations time!”

    1. That’s great, see everyone has it’s own taste of travelling I would say. Some love to see rain, some cold weather, while others love the beaches and sunny weather.

      I can tell you where we went:

      Colombo – One day do try the tea it’s awesome. We went to cotton factory shop, Gem shop, Independence Square, Galle Fort. And a lake I don’t remember the name.

      In Kandy:
      – Pennawala Elephant Sanctuary ***
      – Herbs Garden**
      – Jannatul Duniya****
      – Royal Bottanical Gardens *****
      * These represent the number of stars as per own liking

      In Nuwareliya:

      – Lake view and walk ****
      – Horse Riding for mountain****
      – Boat Ride**
      – Tea plantation plus do try the butter cake****
      – Horton Plains or Worlds End (But reach by 6am and require 4 to 5 hours to complete, if you go late the mist covers the mountain and you can’t see anything. Late is 9am)

      Ella –

      Some temples we didn’t visited.

      Take the train ticket one month before from Nuwera Eliya to Ella. It’s 3.5 hrs ride, and try to jump on the train asap, else you won’t get the best view to take the picture. Read and watch online for it.

      Take Serenite Ella for hotel, it’s the best hotel, from our room we saw water fall and blue train in the morning between the forest.


      – One day overnight stay for Safari **
      its okay not like Kenyan Safari, don’t keep high expectations

      We are still in Yalla

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