For the past two days, there has been severe sand storms. I already suffer from dust allergy, so it’s kind of hard to me, so stay put. Took the blessings in disguise, and I took an off from office and spend time with family indoor.

I am just on stand still mode, since dust ignited my sinus quite badly. Had one surgery in the past, and now although the reaction is quite less but still I suffer quite a bit from it. 

So today’s objective of the day is, enjoy the blessings of nature when Nature is harsh apparently. 

I hope you all are having a nice day. 

6 Replies to “Blessings”

    1. Thanks for your prayers, I got quite sick on Thursday, running nose, sore throat and coughing so much that my ribs started to numb and pain started in it.

      Now much better. Same to you, get well soon.

      Which city you are in?

      Yoga I haven’t tried it. Saw it but didn’t get the time to involve in it.

        1. O I have saw many years back one video of a plane landing, and flocks of bird where for some strange reason where behind it, as if they are chasing left over food.

          But recently, I saw a video of a beach I think from ND, it took 52 weeks or so, by volunteers to clean it up. Forgot the name of it. So community power is fostering in this area. So might be pretty soon you will have clean and pure air.

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