Stationery Box

I always have this DIY attitude from childhood, now after a very long time, this spirit wakes up in me.

Recently, I have been very active in learning about Arts and Craft for my daughter who is 4.5 years old. If you read my recent blog post, we went for shopping this weekend. We bought some small kitchen bottles which came in a set of three.


While sitting idle, I thought to make something out of it, saw almost all her paint brushes, color pencils and markers spread in the room. So this idea stuck me to put color paper on top of the box and make it a stationery box

After that, DIY spirit started to free flow in me, and the result is in the pictures. Now she is loving to put everything in the box.


48 Replies to “Stationery Box”

    1. Glad you find the similarity at your end. I am wood fan these days.

      Hope to learn a lot from your end.

      Please do post a lot with pictures and step by step with what to avoid from a novice point of view like me!

    1. My pleasure, I have a 4.5 year daughter that we are giving her home schooling. So I try to do something with her. So just recently started doing a couple of things here or there.

      It relaxes me as well.

      Will look forward seeing your post. I am sure me and my wife will benefit from it.

      Thank you for your visit at my end.

      You too take care and stay best

        1. My wife is all excited to have it too. Unfortunately, we got a bad sand storm last week, I got sick.

          Than when I tried, I found a loophole in it. I have to find a workaround for some practical usage of it. Specially for ladies who will use it in kitchen.

          We are also surprised with the results of it. And it’s so amazing!

          1. So sorry you were sick. My husband was stationed in Iraq years ago, and the sandstorms there were terrible!
            Can’t wait to see your new creation!

            1. Yes this one, I haven’t observed at our end, in the last 10 years since I have moved over here.

              I am still suffering from Cough and running nose. But I am better than far more people!

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