How to overcome writers block

I have been inactive for a long time, time constraints couple up with what to write after the break, makes me all more lethargic to write anything. But for past couple of days I have been active on WP. So all those facing the same issues like me, my suggestion and solution is simple, just …

You want change!

Read a very interesting saying, very thought provoking, so sharing with you all. Someone asked an old man, give me an advice. The old man said, "Have you ever clean dishes" The man said, "Yes of course, but what it has to do" The old man replied, "You clean the dishes from inside first"

Objective of the day – April 30, 2017 (5 Min Read)

I am very happy that alot of readers showed interest relating to my previous post Objective of the day – April 27th till 29th, 2017. Before going into further details, I would request if you haven't gone through, read the previous post first, in order to exactly know what I am going to further elaborate in …

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