What to do

For some strange reasons, I don’t want to work today. I have couple of things lined up as usual.

But something telling me, take your time. Take one day at a time.

What you do, on such days at your end?

I know it’s called procrastination, but sometimes you have too do it isn’t it!

6 Replies to “What to do”

  1. Uh, this sort of need-to-do-but-can’t-do thing hinders me a lot. It’s part procrastination, part exhaustion & illness, but it’s so frustrating because there’s a feeling of restlessness yet I’m unable to focus on anything productive. The thing is, when you feel like that, you’re not always overly effective at what you’re trying to force yourself to do. If your brain & body are telling you they need a break, then give yourself a break. Take your mind off things, do something nice for yourself, take a nap, get some fresh air. Come back and do those things when you’re feeling more motivated. xx

    1. I thinking you have beautifully summed it up, exactly what it happened in reality.

      You are in 2 boats. So better to be in one.

      I think, we all should have a human universal right to have 3 off days in the whole planet, so that we can spend time on ourselves as well.

      That will increase the lifespan and quality of life as well.

      People will be more happy with life rather than wasting it like this.

  2. Oh I get this feeling very frequently and I love it. I just give myself me time. I do what I feel like doing. Life is full of stress and pressure at least we shouldn’t load our soul with more stress. I don’t even regret my “me time” and I feel no one should 🤗

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