Writers Block

I have been going with the writers block syndrome, and turned out, alot many in my list, are going through this same phase of blogging.

But some are still quite healthy with their daily dose of blogging or their scheduled post. Big clapping to all of them.

So thought to put a punch on this block thing and start writing anything. I decided to write about my major hindrance in life, here we go:

As many of you, might know, I am having wishful planning to do early retirement in my life, and than enjoy the rest of my life on not too fancy setup, but to spend life by putting quality in someone and my own life. And have been working alot in order to achieve this wishful thinking of mine.

So the first step in this direction I have took last week, when I signed up for ACCA qualification, after 10 years leaving studies and at the age of almost 40. I decided to attain another professional qualification in my bag. Although I have other professional certification in my bag, but I wanted to achieve my targets in life.

Having ACCA degree, will definitely bring alot of confidence for my ultimate goal in life. To be honest, just by looking at the syllabus, I need alot of patience, hardwork, discipline and consistency to achieve this milestone of mine.

So here to the first step of achieving freedom!!!

17 Replies to “Writers Block”

  1. Oh bloody writer’s block πŸ™„ I don’t know few months ago I was feeling the same I also wrote a blog on that but now I feel I am having something opposite of that coz’ I have got sooooooo much to write that now I am confused where should I start from. I have so many topics, so many things going inside my head that I can’t even connect them together.

    1. I guess it’s like influenza virus which has spread across the continents.

      So we all are in the same boat.

      My suggestion what I usually do, is to put either the subject and couple of vivid points and save it in draft, so that you can start the main post, without losing what you have in mind.

      That’s usually I do!

        1. O so you too πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

          I don’t know what happened, a lot of folks at my end, are going through the same patch.

          I just decided to write anything. Whether useless it may sound, but just start writing something basic stuff.

          1. I guess I waited for inspiration to strike a little too long πŸ˜‚
            Yeah I did that and I ended up posting a rather gruesome piece yesterday:3 but I’ll get to it… eventually.

            1. Same here I took a break in last Ramadan, since than tried to have inspiration but ended up having Aspirin lol.

              Let me have a look at it.

              It’s so nice to have a chit chat with old folks over here πŸ˜‰

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