Be Positive

I have been inactive for some time, first didn’t get the strength to write, 2nd don’t know what to write about, 3rd have been busy with many things as usual.

But today, I want to share something and very important, since it’s one of the bravest colors of my life. Today, my director shared a photo of the closing get together 10 years ago. I was the 1st one to comment, about those memories. Than one of my colleague made a comment, whose issues I have been highlighting since he left to another dept. I made a closing in record time this year. Throughout he has been in our dept, he portrait the system as if it was a demon he is handling, and I on other hand, have showed the real face of it.

But what hurts me the most, my director made the remarks on his comment only, Dear xyz you are still part of our integral team.

I said to myself, S….. good job, it’s time to move where you are not appreciated. Work hard and find your next destination. It’s a commitment to myself, that in the next 2 to 3 years, I will get my qualification which I am trying to plan. Now it’s time to go and get it, rather than just simply plan.

Incidents like this, should be taken in positive manner, they give this motivation to carry on. Decide what you want to do and achieve, and make such incident as the driving force to obtain it. Kick your butts and get what you want to achieve. Leave those behind, who can’t encourage you.

Stand up and take the day to change yourself to be more better to get more in the future. Have concrete goal in front of you, I have observed and experienced, if you don’t see what you want to get, you get lost in this wild world. Set your goals, dream and objectives high. The higher the objective the tougher it is, once you decided what you want to get, next step is how to get it, ask the help of someone who can, make someone your mentor. That’s the investment you will make in your future. Don’t see anything except that goal in your life. No matter how dark the days are, you kept going, No matter how much the world has moved, No matter whether the world wants what you are looking after, you keep moving.

I have experienced, people have so much fear talking to a person who they are like mentor, that the person will mind, or what he is going to say, trust me. I met so many people who have motivated me, neither one have said no to me when I have approached them with my question. If they are celebrity like Tony Robbins etc, I can understand. But majority of them, answer my questions when I raised them.

Youtube, Facebook, Social Media channels are full of people ready to help you. Ask their help to reach your goal. But make the steps to reach your goal. For e.g. You want to be best barber in the world, so your mentors should be the best stylist in the world. Your job is to follow them, to read their post or blog or website. Raise your questions, how you can be different from them. How they reach to that level.

My teacher quote upon my passing out from school, always help me out when I need motivation:

All this world is froth and bubble, two things remains, Courage in your own and kindness in others trouble.

9 Replies to “Be Positive”

  1. Finding “motivation to carry on” is so important and can really drive us when we’re feeling low and in need of the energy burst. Great quote from your teacher too! 🙂
    Caz x

    1. It’s one of the practices of our school, that when we pass out from school, our teachers wrote their personal quote on the autograph book. I didn’t remember others, but this one, I remember the most!

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