21 Replies to “What are your wishes”

  1. A solution to Palestine. And Kashmir.
    The ability to be farsighted and let go of petty matters. To look at the bigger picture.
    Save mankind from the inevitable doom it faces.

  2. I’d wish for health for myself, my loved ones and everyone else.
    I’d wish that terrorism stopped existing.
    I’d wish for new pajamas!
    I’d wish for more compassion in the world.
    What are your wishes? πŸ™‚

    1. Your new pajamas wish made me laugh.

      My wish, I get early retirement the way I planned. So that I can enjoy my life without worrying anything.

      And roam around meet people, talk to them, laugh with them, share their burden make them enjoy their life.

      1. Pajamas are nice ;-). and I think Colors, you’re already diong your 3rd wish, meeting people, on line, via this blog, sharing our burdens with us and helping us to enjoy life! thanks for that.

      2. I will keep my fingers crossed for you to have that early retirement as planned, and to meet as many people as possible – I think that’s a wonderful wish, and how we touch others and the lives of those we meet is something that’s often underestimated.x

        1. We all touched someone by our actions, I am a very true believer of that. A bottle of water to someone in heat. Spare jacket to homeless. Lunch to office boy. Are simple tool to start the conversation.

          I dearly wish I go as planned, but had two big setback recently, for my planned 2nd and 3rd source of income.

          So back to drawing board and more resilience to the original objective.

            1. Thanks my dear, infact I am working on Plan C now. Won’t let my this dream to go in vain. Even if I have to alter my retirement a little bit further. Just to say, yes it’s possible to live a life one wanted.

  3. 1.to have all debt paid off 2.for my family (self included) to have good health 3.to never develop a disease that makes me forget who I or my loved ones are

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