Herd of cattle

I am sure you must have saw atleast once in your lifetime, a herd of cattle going together in the jungle. Every animal in it, wanted to be together with the herd, afraid that if we get out a little bit, any kind of wild animal will eat us.

Every animal in the herd tries to be as strong while grazing, and when they are in plain fields unafraid of any animal around, they try to compete with each other. Each parent try to teach the art of survival to it’s kin.

Aren’t our life has become like this, we compete with school and try to learn all ticks of trade till university. Once we jump into the practical field of life, we try to outsmart each other, we try to be ahead of each other. In the end, we all have to end up in same way.

Just a wild thought which I put at someone post, so thought to share my views to you all.

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