How we lost….

If we read or observe, people these days are in search of peace and contentment. Commercialism / companies tries to capture this emotional trait, and abuse it to it’s own gain.

I have observe, while on my self discovery of finding my true colors of life, that we are losing our emotional traits by our own hands, by running after temporary emotional traits. It can be anything from buying a new phone or clothes or dining to a fancy restaurants or going to an exotic place etc etc in order to search peace and contentment, that we get what we want!

However, in my opinion, the way to get this peace and contentment, is by doing one easy exercise, which I am practicing these days, and found it to be really delivering me the peace and contentment from inside.

What you need is to close your eyes, and think of any day of your life, not recent past but way before mainly from childhood and goes maximum to before University. Just try to recall whatever you can. Better if you try to recall any ordinary day rather than a special day or event.

Recall it to the maximum you can.

Why ordinary day? Because, sometimes our childhood ordinary days are full of boredom but full of creative ideas, cooking up extreme ideas, imaginary figures etc etc.

Believe me, you will thank me afterwards 🙂

Try it for once, and let me know, how you feel afterwards…. I would suggest, to try for minimum of 1 week straight and better if you do it for 15 days straight without gap. Come back and let me know how you gain what you have lost.

2 Replies to “How we lost….”

  1. This blog article is really cool, and from the heart. I’m looking forward to trying out your ‘imagining technique’, and see what happens over time practicing it. cheers!

    1. Thanks Paul for your honest comments, will look forward to hearing how you gain your emotional strength.

      I am personally feeling more inner strength, the more days, I am pouring myself in with this technique.

      On a side note, don’t force yourself, let it be come naturally of any day. Initially it will be hard to recall, totally. I was hopeless the initial days, but than slowly and gradually days started to come in.

      Simple stupid stuff starts coming back one by one!!!

      I am sure and will give you guarantee you will love every single day of the time you spent.

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