I don’t remember or recall whether I have discussed this interesting observation of mine. But in any case, I am sharing it.

I have observed this in almost all the marriages, so do let me know if you agree or disagree with my observation.

Every couple have something opposite between the two. Like one is more mature than the other, one is more stable in different aspect than the other etc etc.

It’s always been something that trigger’s the button of discontent.

If both of them finds this trigger button, and accept the other the way the person is. Both will have a happy life. Since this trigger button is such, that the person have no control upon it. Like my wife is older than me, I am happy the way she is, it didn’t bothered me, but for people it does. My wife have this back in mind that I have compromised. But it’s that we are happy the way we are.

Similarly, couple have to find this trigger button of the other and accept it, else what I observed one thing led to others. Some people don’t like kids, the trigger point usually is this.

I hope I make sense, as to what I wanted to convey. Let me know your opinion about it, after looking at your end. Is this really the case!

14 Replies to “Marriage”

  1. Nice post.
    Life is all about accepting others along with the flaws they carry, because a perfect human is a myth n I think there is no need to be perfect, imperfections are good🙂

    1. Absence of something shows great meaning in life.

      We can’t explain air, we can’t see, but once it’s not around us we see its true color.

      Similarly imperfections shows the colors and value of perfections else everything will be same and meaningless.

      Each happiness is different, so is the sadness 🤗

  2. I agree. I also think that it’s important that the two parts of the couple have different interests and hobbies, because that way they can bring new things to each other. Although it is also important that there are coincidences.

    1. Thanks mabm for your reply, glad to know that you speak English since your blog post are all in your native language, so I can just like it.

      Speaking about your views, I observe coincidences do exist wrt religious, political or general things but still one staunch trait will be completely opposite.

      Let me know if you observe this at your end.

      Thanks for your input, it means a lot, since I able to know that I am thinking on the right pattern and not just having a cooked up mind 😃😃😃😃

      1. I was studying English a few years ago, but for personal reasons I had to leave it in Intermediate I. I hope to be able to resume it soon. I suppose sometimes I make mistakes, but don’t take them into account, you can even correct them to improve my English :))

        1. English is also not my mother tongue, but from what you wrote, I didn’t find any issue at all. I think you can write in English perfectly well, much much much better from me.

          If you don’t mind, can you tell me which part of the world you are from. And what is the language called in which you write your post. It’s always fascinate me to know new things.

  3. Very interesting post drenched with overflowing wisdom.
    In general I don’t know how people live their married life. There are no set rules, fortunately or unfortunately.
    My own experience is to let go.
    When my husband fell in love with a younger woman ( I was 35 then, she was 19) , I was hurt in my female ego, but I loved my husband enough to let go of him.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Have a wonderful writing day!

    1. First of all sorry to hear about it.

      Second, I seem to always seconded your thoughts, I think it’s better to flow with the river rather than against the tide. Who wants to leave will leave whether one likes it or not. Yes, emotionally both get hurts, women tends to be more than man, but they do share the similar emotional process, only the reaction to it seems to be differ.

      My wife is older than me, I am comfortable with it, since it was my decision. Sometimes, I feel I made a hasty decision, but than I say to myself, what are the basis on which I have married her. Than I felt content with it. And I say, she is far superior than others. She might not be the perfect what I desire, but she has those qualities which seldom have, what I want.

      Wrt your issue, I guess these days keeping zip zipped is so difficult. I am glad I don’t work in an environment where ladies are not that much. And few of the married which do exist, they behave as if I am getting naked but no one dares to look at us. Their ego is sky high!!! I often hear so many stories in big multinational banks and organisations specifically in the marketing department, having loads of off office practices.

    1. Thanks Anne for your input, I think that’s a difficult part which you mentioned “The two people MUST”.

      This in my view is the root cause, ofcourse, one won’t be comfortable with this idea at all. And the other is more than enough comfortable. I had a great friend, we were close like buddy, I purchased an appartment in the same building of his. So that we can be near to each other.

      Both were happily married for quite some time, than the wife desperately wanted to have kids, but due to some complications she can’t have it naturally and went through IVF procedure.

      After the kids are born, both started to have issues, it went so bad, that they got twins, and when they were 3.5 years old, they got to get divorce.

      Before the kids they had a wonderful married life for 8+ years. Than I saw the destruction. Me and my wife tried to reconcile between them for good 1.5+ years.

      I can never forgot how they end up!!!

      Its was sad, really sad day.

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