What’s going on

So much to do so less time, I felt I am always running after time. I am always short of time. I finished one thing, I have something else upto my sleeves.

I finished with my guest, now I have to do 4 critical task and 2 important task at my end besides other things:

Critical ones:

– Learn in depth Financial modeling and than become an expert in excel for it.

– Send my credential in an Australian University to get my honorary certificate based upon my present qualifications and experience and than apply for another certification in UK to get maximum credit.

– Start working and research for my 3rd source of income.

– Plan for next 10 years till my expected (tentative)early retirement if Allah willing.

Important Task:

– Finish making the doll house for my daughter and than start the new bed remake as wife suggested for her by myself.

– Renovate the whole kitchen and house by myself as planned.

Other task:

– Bring back the exercise routine.

– Wake up early routine.

– Reading Routine.

– Time management skills when I come back from office to home.

– Read and finish the Speed Reading Course.

– Finish the pending books at my end.

– Finish the 2 – 4 blog post series about Pakistan.

– Finalise the Malaysia blog post series.

– Prepare for long weekend to finish maximum task.

How you manage time at your end, would love to know or you go free flow.

16 Replies to “What’s going on”

        1. My plans disrupt by my wife, when she has to go with me and not alone.

          I wish I can. Like I am right now, after leaving to office before 7 came home for half an hour than have to leave just came back 15 minutes ago. It’s 9:50 pm at my end.

          It’s my normal routine!!

    1. My dear I wish my life says to me, stop and take rest, I have been running like this since my childhood. When I stop, I want to kill myself, Since I hate to have a break for some odd reason. Once I wake up I have to do something.

      Sitting at a restaurant and have a coffee it’s something you can say for me, like doing rocket science invention lol.

      But one day would love sitting with you and talking to you. I love your calmness always. A fatherly calmness I don’t know why!!!

      1. Anytime your are ready! I know how you feel, my workweeks were 55 to 60 hours. Time was always an issue until it wasn’t. When I retired the first time I work part time as a school bus driver. It took many 2 or 3 years before I finally slowed down. Now I not only take time to smell the roses I plant them. Life is full but now I am experiencing it, not watching it.πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜‰

    1. It’s good evening at my end, thanks for stopping by at my end, it’s so good to have your comment.

      What I meant is to go in detail about Financial Model. And than learn the advance financial model in Excel.

      I hope that makes sense.

      How are you? How is your health and specifically how is your mother doing ?

      Have been busy couldn’t able to check at your end. So glad you stop by st my end. Really appreciated

      1. Thank you so very much for asking about my mother. She is doing well, thank God.
        I had never taken an advanced course in Excel, and always wish I had. But, the funny thing is that I went into finance, collections, and A/R & A/P. Then, I was asked to straighten out a customer service dept, as well as shipping & receiving department at a Steel Company. I miss those days.
        Thank you for your explanation.
        I’m happy to hear that you are well on your side. It’s always nice communicating with people all throughout the country and overseas. I enjoy this so much!!!
        Take Care & God Bless,

        1. My pleasure in asking about your mother. Sorry I was a bit tied with guest, so didn’t able to follow up.

          About the learning part, it’s never late to learn a new thing my fellow finance comrade πŸ˜‰

          Wow you have a lot a flavors in different dept, for some reasons I love working in all the dept. It’s good and bad, because my boss keep throwing me different things to me. So it’s a good learning curve.

          You are most and always welcome to come by at my end, without hesitation and ask me anything I don’t mind seriously, but personally love the openness.

          You too take care and stay best


    1. Seriously I was asking the same thing from myself. And I forgot, the abundance of non replied comments at my end. Close to 100 are forgotten in this list.

      I hope I can have that much breather in life. It’s usually like this roller coaster ride.

      Much love and thanks for the words of support πŸ’

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