Vacation in Pakistan – VI

Its been 3 weeks since I have returned back from my trip. But part of me, is still back. I don’t know why, but I guess I want to get disappear in the mist as in the pictures below.

Mind you, these are taken while on the move from Natiagali to Murree through mobile phone, so quality is not that great:

19 Replies to “Vacation in Pakistan – VI”

  1. Just reading the comments and Pakistan sounds like a beautiful place to see mountains and such. Loved going on this journey with you through pictures and your words from experience. Thank you for sharing it!

    1. Thanks Lee for the words of encouragement, I also haven’t seen my own country in details except in pictures.

      It’s a very small country as compared to States and alike.

      However, it’s blessed with plenty of picturesque places and interesting stuff to share.

      I am saving the best for the last, had been busy with loads of guest. So sharing on random basis at the moment.

    1. That’s so nice to have a comment. Well Pakistan northern region is full mountains, rivers, plateaus, hills. The highest number of peaks in the world is on Pakistan.

      But if start coming down, Pakistan has desert even they have snow desert can you believe and a normal dead hot one as well.

      And all of this ends up in a long stretch of sea shores. So overall Pakistan offers variety of things. The facilities point of view not to large extent is great but from trip part it’s one raw nature to see and observe. Which makes the trip truly enjoyable.

      Where your friend came from, and what’s her opinion / comment about the experience.

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