Vacation in Pakistan – V

Some more flowers while we are in a birds park, it’s called “Dhudial Peasantry”, it’s in Mansehra. I have visited it 6 years back, since than the place has gone down in terms of number of animals and living standard of them. But overall it’s a good experience to see them.

However, what catches my eye is this beautiful flower. I have used my mobile camera for it, but now while watching the photos, it’s a bit blurred which was not obvious on the mobile camera.

I hope you will ignore slight blur, but enjoy the colors of nature in full swing.

Image 1
The actual flower was looking like this.
Image 2
Than I went a bit closer
Image 3
A bit of change of angle
Image 4
The beauty now!!!


56 Replies to “Vacation in Pakistan – V”

    1. Thanks Lee, nice to see you back as always. Unfortunately, I have been on and off still on this platform.

      But it’s always a pleasure to have a comment or liking from old bloggers at my end like you.

      Appreciate your words. 😊

      1. i am not sure…. because i recently started this site….. but people have been commenting…. i need to check the same…. thanks for highlighting the issue, is it giving some error ….. and happy that you visited….

      1. Don’t be modest!
        I’ve seen some of the pictures already! Nothing makes a picture more beautiful than an honest smile!

        1. Seriously, was in no mood to take out my DSLR, was more in enjoyment mode than pictures taking mode.

          So 90% are taken from cell phone, while commuting, hanging my phone out of the window, taking drops of rain till my hands starts to freeze a bit.

          Loved the moment, I had this time around. It’s been good 2+week and I still in vacation mode.

          Now I realise why you keep wanted to go back again and again.

          I seriously can’t able to readjust myself from the trip.

          Imagine had I been spending more time than what it would be.

          1. You too are bitten by the travel bug! πŸ™‚
            Hope you never recover and keep on exploring more beautiful places and living unforgettable moments with your loved ones. The heart captures more than any camera ever could! I wish you all the very best, kind sire! πŸ™‚

            1. I always have this travel bug since I was childhood.

              So do my wife and kid, try my level best to go almost every weekend on long drive to explore.

              And the eyes captures more than the camera. Basically, it was what I desire to have this time, rather than willful planning to visit.

              So try to have this peace and solitude while on this trip. Which makes it all the more memorable

              1. That’s a great way to do it! Letting the eyes be your camera. Wishing you loads of peace and solitude in adventures to come!

                1. I had a big gap this time around, so needed it.

                  But I told my wife, we need to make a house in this part.

                  So we are planning to make a summer resort for our getaway in this area.

                  I will share my wife village, it’s breathtaking place. So we need to do it. Let see how it goes. 😊

                  1. That spirit of living in the mountains! I love it! I revere it! Create that home and I’ll come to see you! πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ
                    Wonder why I am so excited to hear this! But wow, really!!! Ahahahha!

                    1. I keping this post for the last, although it the 1st place we visited.

                      The place is secluded, private, fog covered mountains, sometimes sun coming in, sometimes a little bit drizzle, a bit chilled but not too cold.
                      Clouds coming at you, while you are eating in the house and you can actually see it coming.

                      BarBQ and tea on coal, what else one want.


                    2. Dreamland! 😍😍😍
                      That’s what we call, living it up!!!
                      The way you describe it, really makes it a dreamland! Jannat!

                    3. Yaar, seriously I told my sister in law she is in UK and we should be making a house, and make it a summer resort.

                      I will press my wife again today to start talk for having the necessary land.

                    4. Not misty but big stretch of misty road, imagine had I know how to ride a motorbike what entertainment I would be doing with my wife on such roads.

                      Full romantick road 😁😁😁😁

                    5. You know what, you guys redeem my faith in a happy married life! One fine evening, we all will sit and have lemon tea in your summer resort and I’ll tell you the same thing!

                    6. Duh, I’ll manage the security and tour guide part πŸ˜› (I know you said that deliberately to pull my leg!)
                      But thank you so much for such a warm welcome!

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