Vacation in Pakistan – IV

In the Northern part of Pakistan mostly, you will find some interesting decoration on vehicles. Luckily, I got my eyes set on some while travelling. Unfortunately, couldn’t able to capture others as I was occupied in focusing to capture the main scenery that you might be observing from my past 3 post.

One can find bundle of such decorative art work on transport vehicles, whether small or big. All are very colorful and beautiful work of art.

Truck Art is very beautiful in Pakistan. Its world renowned, heard one with such art work bus is in Australia.
Truck Art is very beautiful in Pakistan. Its world renowned, heard one with such art work bus is in Australia.


In blue it’s written” My love pray for me” In green below it’s written, “After every evening my hearts goes low, that my love don’t leave me like the yesterday ended never to come back.


A School van, see the number of bags outside!
This salesman is carrying Honey on scooter!

28 Replies to “Vacation in Pakistan – IV”

    1. Yes these truck definitely, catches the eye. Specially if you stand still and look at all the hand crafted Art work on these, very creative and inspiring.

      The school bus and salesman is quite normal in these part of the world and in Pakistan normally.

      Luckily I just snap to have a backhome reminder for myself, so thought to share with others as well.

    1. What the locals say, the truck / van is like their bride, so in local customs they decorate the bride.
      It’s part of culture to decorate in this fashion. The amount of labor, money and hardwork it’s outstanding. I have heard it goes around for 3 – 6 months, since this is all handcrafted.

      1. Media caused in our heads so much prejudice abt pak… even I felt disgust of myself that I thought so bad abt this beautiful country

        1. So many foreign tourist from across the world are here, that you can’t believe it. Mainly from Europe and now Chinese are coming in dozens for CPEC work. I will be happy that you also visit it, let me know I will arrange everything for you!

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