Strange World

– A Utah nurse was arrested for refusing to allow a cop to take blood from an unconscious patient.

– A girl friend asked his boyfriend, to kill himself, so that she will be known as grieving girlfriend.

– An Indian man kills his mother, for refusing to give him money for alcohol, and than takes her heart and eat it.

– A girl in India, did suicide because of strain marks on her clothes due to periods.

– Celebrities having kids without marriages is getting common. And slowly it started to have a norm.

It’s been ages since I have stopped watching TV, we do have a TV but we don’t put any receiver. I just browse the newspaper, since all news more or less the same what comes in the headlines.

Rarely I give my time to any news article, but some news definitely catches my eyes and open my heart and soul as to where we are heading, when we say we are developing as a human being.

I often say to myself, we are going backwards than forward in terms of humanity.

Our tolerance is getting low towards what should be right. We speak about something big but when it comes to small matter we ignore, whether it comes to our own house or in community.

Just a random thought came into my mind, while I was going through as to what is happening in the world on Facebook and news websites.

What are your thoughts upon it.

18 Replies to “Strange World”

  1. Me too, stopped watching TV 25 years back, and try not to read newspaper as well, as I feel most of news is nothing but a horror story, I keep praying for one and all to be on right path and to be safe n happy.
    Awesome writing, keep it up.

    1. Thanks Mum without her princess for sharing that I am not insane.

      What I observe in all newspaper across the world, is only one pattern, One is extremely good and the other is extremely bad. It can either a political party or person or country or team.

      I usually tend to read headlines, and rarely go into details, unless I felt, I need to know. In 15 minutes everyday, I end up reading a whole newspaper.

  2. Wow, strange world indeed. Don’t know what it has come too, though some things have gotten a little better we are still living horribly. Most people are too focused on things that aren’t that important, and some only care or make effort to do anything when something happens to them. Sadly.

    1. I was reading recently about Blue Shark Game details. What one has to do with in each stage.

      It’s seriously, psychopathic stuff. You have cut yourself and send the pictures to the curator. You have to cut like this or that.

      People stealing phones when someone had an accident etc etc.

      Really pathetic stuff. You are absolutely right on your observations, specifically the latter one, some make efforts to do anything when something happens to them.

  3. Isn’t it just awful? Your absolutely right when it comes to ingnpring all the small things and rather than actually moving forward weir moving backwards. Good for you giving up tv, I myself rarely watch any

    1. Thanks for your concurrence over my thought.

      Even stranger is what each Govt are doing towards its people. Each Govt rule as if we like in premedivial times. They rule not with compassion but with authority. It should be for the people rather against the people.

      1. So true, more compassion would help. They just feel so empowered that they don’t think about changing their ways for the better of the people. There is a time for them to step in and a time to back away.

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