Vacation in Pakistan – II

On our way from Nathiagali towards Murree, we stop briefly in a small location called Khanaspur.

Nothing substantial but 3 very interesting things I found over there:

– Found this beautiful tree, calling me towards it. It was a huge tree which was hanging only with its roots.

– 2nd interesting thing was this old man coming from top of the hill. He was 80+ years old. And greeted me as if we know each other.

The best part in Northern parts of Pakistan are it’s people, even though they are poor they will make sure that they greet and treat the best they can.

– 3rd Interesting thing was just below this tree it have some leaves that if they touch your body, you start scratching your body profoundly just like a dog.

I was not aware of it, and while photographing this tree, I accidently touch it, and my itching started.

After greeting him, he observed as to what has happened. And immediately from a nearby place, he took some leaves of another plant, squeezes it between his hands and apply it on my affected hand. Within seconds the itching goes away.

Praise be to Allah / God who has created such plants and trees.

I was in complete aww as to what has happened.

Travelling teaches you many things. This was one of the lessons of this trip.

Always listen to locals they will make or break the trip. But if you are undecided than its best to take their advice.

Here are some more of this mysterious place photos. Hope you will love it.

33 Replies to “Vacation in Pakistan – II”

  1. Natures medicineπŸ’™
    So much better than the man made medicine we are prescribed to. I’ve been researching a lot on that subject lately and learning about some plants natural healing abilities. It’s amazing. The man that greeted and helped you has a beautiful soul indeed.
    When I saw the tree, I first thought of the tale, Jack and the Beanstalk lol. Wonderful post!

    1. I don’t know how we end up in that place, it’s quite out of the normal route where we are heading from A – Z. We just stopped out of the blue.

      And I just started walking briefly to see casually this place. We stayed fr hardly 15 to 20 minutes I believe.

      And in that time, I saw this, the beautiful landscape, the tree and met this old man and the plants anamoly.

      Hahaha about the Jack and the Beanstalk, you took me to my childhood memories. Thanks, it’s always good to go back to childhood memories 😍

      Amazing πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’š

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