Vacation in Pakistan – I

I have been sorting the pictures from mobile phone to computer since yesterday of my recent trip to Pakistan.

On this trip, except of 2 times I took out my DSLR, I mainly or you can say only dependent on mobile camera. The reason I was so dependent on it, because I was on a short trip and one place to another requires at least 3 to 4 hours of transportation so having frequent breaks for photography was difficult.

To use DSLR cameras, you need patience, perfection and zero movement.

However, overall I am happy with the results I got. I will be uploading in several parts, these pictures.

The below set of pictures were taken on our way from Nathiagali to Murree, it’s was about 1 hour or so remaining towards sunset. So we took a short stop to have a break, before night falls in these mountainous ranges.

I was lucky to stop at a place where nearby I saw this monkey on a branch relaxing before calling off the day. His facial expression suggest he was tired from all the day activities like we were.

52 Replies to “Vacation in Pakistan – I”

  1. Awe, so cute Monkey, I wanna hold him, but first, you are lucky to visit Pakistan, and I really wanna visit some day!
    I am not an expert on this Technological stuff but your Camera really Rock it!

    1. I am from Karachi, born and bread over there. But my wife is from Abottabad.

      So this time it was my in laws showing their area to me. They have lands in Thandiani area and many different places.

      Would advice to visit Nathiagali rather than Murree, Murree is more congested and have other indecent issues, if you understand my point.

      Nathiagali you won’t find that indecency. But the best way to roam is roam without destination. You will find a place to stay. But for that find a local which is important.

      So much to visit!

      1. You are so luck that you visited these places. Murree is no more a good place to viist. I think school trips and college trips I have heard from them. Best way to roam is roam without destination I truly agree with this. Thank you for the help. One day I will visit.

        1. Yes lucky to have a wife from that part of the world and 2nd most lucky part is that she is also addicted to travelling like me and rigorous one as well and 3rd lucky part MashaAllah my little daughter got the virus from us 😁😁😁😁

            1. Would to put my travel account of Pakistan relating to travelling part.

              I am mainly focusing on pictures, since I have huge lot of pictures but very few post relating to it.

              Posting side by side the travelling details as well.

              About the travel stories from the world, you can find it, in the travelling category of my blog. I went to Malaysia last year I presume, so posted some details and pictures of it.

              Since I reside in KSA, Jeddah so posted one or two blogs relating to it as well but I have not been posting the pictures lately. So now main focus is posting more pictures and medium to less content.

        1. From your profile picture it’s still taking me to the main page. Go to your account section, and change it from the profile picture. That will take user like me from mobile and generally to your page. In the meantime it’s still taking us to WP main page.

    1. Yes quite a bit, since I went after 4 years of gap. So it was full of enjoyment and fun. And the best part I was out of touch from Social Media and Smart phone. That makes it more enjoyable

      1. Yes, I know I haven’t been present as much I’ve just been making a lot of changes and working on another blog. I am working on a schedule for both so that I can get back in the groove of things.✨

        1. That’s good to hear it, at least you are occupied in something. What’s the theme of the new one?

          Wish you best of luck, it’s difficult to manage one, so my very best of luck to you. Since you are a hardcore blogger and super busy lady! 😊

          1. My new theme is similar here, to inspire people in many ways but also more focused on my creative abilities and uplifting women. Men are welcomed to stop by also, I will be doing some discussions in time that men can jump in on such as relationships✨
            How have you been? I will be catching up with you as I haven’t done that much in a while and I’m glad you are still here engaged.

            1. Lee you are always an inspiration, you know what I first thought you are Chinese πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ by your name.

              But you are strong determined girl, your post always shows a hint of your character and determination. So even if it’s for women but I am sure it’s have a decent part for men as well to reflect upon it.

              About the well being part, I really desire to go back to my homeland, since I came back I can get my head right.

              This time around it takes me back to my roots. But overall I am good, just having a very very hot weather unlike I have observed in 12 years residing over here. Where normal tap water is boiling in the middle of the night even, airconditioning units are not working to its full potential. Yes had the most hottest day 49C.

              I am glad to have your comments and your honest input as always.

              Unfortunately, had not give my own share of input as well at your end, which usually was the case. But will do so shortly. πŸ˜ŠπŸ€—β˜Ί

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