I have been travelling so extensively since I came in Pakistan that for a moment, it looks as if I am not on annual vacation but on a tour.

In 6 days I have visited close to 8 main cities and countless small towns.

Enjoying the lovely raining weather and the hospitality of my in laws alongside eating some pure organic food that we can hardly think off living in cities.

My in laws resides in Northern Part of Pakistan some of them lives in villages and have agricultural lands.

So it was a pleasure to spend couple of nights in village where you will not find a single sound of vehicle except of people, insects and animals around.

I can’t have words to explain how blissful those 2 days were. It was a place to retuned yourself!!!

Sitting in the night under open sky, was a joy and treat to have. Since its the 1st time after my childhood that I got the opportunity to treat myself, that life truest entertainment. Looking at the moon and stars and talking about simple things. This awesome life experience was a gift from my sister in law.

We stayed 2 nights at her place, and believe me I didn’t want to come back from that place. It’s like you cutoff from the world and try to grab the pure nature and life around you, adding abundance of Life true colors.

Her mother in law specially, husband, daughters and sister in law make our stay more and more comfortable.

They showed their lands, different agricultural harvest, brought fresh cow milk as soon as we wake up, eggs from chicken in the farm, organic oil made from milk biproducts and bread from their same land.

A person living in city can hardly dream off.

Those 2 days, were the ones that I rarely touch my cell phone, since I didn’t want to disturb my peace. I wanted to grab those moment in my mind. Rather capture those through lens.

And I felt it can’t be taken from lens but can only capture from eyes and mind.

I took so many photos from other places but for that place I have capture only couple of places specially one place where my sister in law husband took us to his hide out in village to recollect himself. He says he sits for hours and hours just enjoying that view. The last bunch of pictures after the horse one is from that place.

I try to do justice to that place, but to speak with you all honestly, even being an amateur photographer I can’t do justice to that view. Since that whole landscape can’t be captured in that one shot. Panaroma view don’t usually do justice to pictures!

I hope you will also enjoy my upcoming post from time time to time of my trip.

Stay blessed and take care of yourself.

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      1. I am not Muslim yet. I am a born Catholic. I have been very interested in Islam since I was about 12 years old. It’s a beautiful religion. I love it! One day I will post about my experiences with Islam. ❀

        1. How is everything at your end.

          One of my colleague son is coming at your end on Honeymoon and he was telling me the prices of it.

          I was surprised, it’s way cheap, I didn’t know which Hotel. But the prices has reduced alot

                  1. Well, here in the Maldives, or at least in our resort, there is a very low rate of turnover. Staff stay for 5 years and more…some of them are here for 10 years already, they are here through the good times and the bad πŸ™‚
                    Though yeah, low business also demotivates some of the staff thinking the company isn’t doing well or so, but the situation is in general felt here overall

                    1. That’s awesome to hear, tells a lot about the employer behaviour towards you all.

                      What exactly the reason for low turnover? Although overall the global travel industry has flourished more during the last time 10 years.

                      A bit slump I would say specially this year around due to global low prices. Which has effected a lot of industries and so the employment.

                      The tickets are reasonable but the budget constraint on families are high.

                    2. From my observation, the staff are staying in the company because of the benefits even though the basic salary is just average.

                      Hmmm, travelling with the whole family can really hurt your pocket….

                    3. Depends how you travel and where you travel. In case of exotic location like Greece, take 2 to 4 years to travel if the budget is tight.

                      If one wants, he can travel just need to be smart.

    1. See you remember me by heart and here I am.

      I took a break in Ramadan than got dead busy in half yearly closing, afterwards I planned to go on annual vacations in September but got a family emergency so had to change my plan and took the vacations early.

      While on vacations I realised it’s good to be offline from Social Media. But now back in touch on the SM platform.

      Glad I have my old peeps waiting for me. How are you? What’s happening at your end?

        1. Actually I was planning to go at the time of Eid break, but my mother Australia visa came in so she wanted to leave before Eid.

          So I have to alter my plans to accommodate her before she leaves.

  2. I still think you’ve managed to capture some great photos, and it’s wonderful to hear about your experience! I think really like the idea of this : where you will “not find a single sound of vehicle except of people, insects and animals around.” Heaven! πŸ™‚

    1. I try to do as much justice from my cell phone camera. But the pictures can’t make the justice to what an eye can see.

      And about the idea, seriously, the people living in urban areas need to do this after every 5 years. I forgot where my phone is.

      Don’t want to touch or need it. It really revamped my mind.

      I decided that God willing will try to spend more time at their end.

    1. These are just the start. Stay tunned for more breathtaking pictures and videos as well.

      Seriously, I didn’t want to come back this time around.

      BTW I was observing have you started Web hosting.

      Because on your last post I can’t able to comment. It happened with the mobile version I had. Those who have done Web hosting instead of free version from WP I have issues in this this.

      How are you and your kids? How is life in general and specific.

      You have any plans for vacations, if not, than you should make a plan. It just need courage to leave the comfort of your house to start some amazing journey of discovery.

      1. Oh, I can’t WAIT to see more photos from you!!! Urrr…I don’t know why you are not able to comment?!? I haven’t changed anything so I am frustrated! Urr!
        The kids are doing great and I have some suprise news to share soon about them too. I’ve been battling Bronchitus for almost a month now but – yea – getting way better now thank God! My niece will get married in late September so that is keeping me plenty busy too! No vacation plans just yet as I will wait until it’s a bit cooler weather but very soon!!! So happy to hear from you again!!!

        1. I now try my level to post everyday, the way it was before.

          The issue of not posting has something to do at my end rather than everyone else. I don’t know why 😣

          About the surprise news, I will look forward hearing from you.

          For the bronchitis, the best advice I can give is drink normal simple water make it hot to a point that is bearable to your tongue and drink it often. That will kill bacteria, nothing else matter.

          During Haj season over here, we have people coming from all over the world and everyone is carrying different virus, so every year, people in Jeddah face this issue.

          I often does it, you too try it and let me know how it’s going.

          No need to add any other thing.

          Wish your niece all the best for her future wonderful and happy life.

    2. BTW I miss your comments too, have soo many comments and following to catch up with.

      So many post to wrote, so many people to catch.

      Luckily we have our last leg of vacations coming up. Our last major religious holidays are coming up. It’s the annual pilgrimage where Muslims all over the world come to Saudi Arabia. Close to 3 to 4 million comes in with just 2 pieces of white cloth.

      I thought to share some insight since you love to know more about it.

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