Why it happened

Yesterday was my last day in office, since I was flying today. In order to handover everything and finish zillion of work. I was reaching office before 7:00 am and leaving usually after 5:30 pm with no lunch break.

Yesterday, by 10:00 am only one small thing was remaining before, I will get time to rest and leave early from office.

At 10:30am my boss came running and ask me. Leave everything, and come with me. Our organisation President is meeting Crown Prince and he needs Financial Statements as of July 25th immediately.

Now it sounds like as if Financial Statements is like a report you run in a system and it will produce in a second. We normally take a month or so, to make sure everything is true and sound from its financial prospective.

I haven’t yet done the packing and have to do last minute shopping as well.

And now this!

For a moment, I got blank. As to how to do it. Fast forward.

At around 3:00pm I was able to deliver to boss to review based on best possible results. Of course it can’t be there 100% accurate. But upto 95% accurate figures.

The tagline is:

– Don’t get hyper in situations like this. Take it as a learning curve.

– Difficult situation teaches you different flavor.

– Difficult situations also test your skill and broaden your horizon. You understand your capabilities.

– Nothing on earth is rocket science, just break the situation one by one, piece by piece. And than try to resolve. Rather than do the whole thing in one go!

So guys with this I also announce my 3 weeks annual vacation. I am all excited to visit a small part of Northern Region of Pakistan. I wish I got more time to visit in detail.

But while writing this, I am having butterfly waiting so that I can run to airport and be in departure lounge and wait for my aeroplane. Time has stop passing for some reason 😁😁😁

6 Replies to “Why it happened”

    1. What to do, in some circumstances, when you sit and see that the tides are against you. In that case, just ride with the flow rather against the flow. You would be distracted from the course but live another to be on track rather than sunk deep and helpless.

  1. When you always rushing to do this and that and caught up in work sometimes you lose sight of other things! The points you made in your post seem like they where just for me and it was exactly what I needed to read!πŸ’

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