What should I write?

These days I am trying to force myself to write something, but than everytime I wanted to write. I don’t know what to write or simply don’t want to write majority of time. Not that I don’t wanted but it’s such that I don’t want to force myself to write. 

Family is back home these days, and I will leaving shortly to homeland, after a gap of 4+years. It’s been long time, since I have been to my homeland. A bit excited and bit low as well, have been trying to reconnect with my old pals, their response is quite lack lusture from the tone of their replies. 

Might be they are busy in their daily life or might be since I am out of touch with them for a long time. 

I am planning to enjoy my time. Wanted to travel a lot in Pakistan.  But my tight schedule is not permitting to travel extensively as I desire. 

3 weeks it’s going to be so called annual vacation, where I am preranged meeting for my 2nd source of income, abundance of guest that I have to meet and greet. 

And between all of this try to enjoy my time, before I return back to overhere.

But before I leave I have to do shopping, packing, windup work, handover stuff in office, go to a dinner invitation, clean up some stuff at home, backup my phone and camera memories and make the payment for tickets for the ticket. All this in remaining 2 days. 

I am so dull these days, since the family left that I don’t want to do anything. 

Aaah the bachelor life, and the addiction of family life. Miss my girls. 

But in case, you further don’t have anything from my side, don’t think I don’t want get away from WP but it’s simply a break. 

Love you all xoxoxo


10 Replies to “What should I write?”

    1. Sometimes one needs a break, I am glad I took that break. Where I was out of touch with Social Media.

      I hold this believe that one should write when it has to be and not it should be. Since I am not a professional blogger, this blog was about self discovery.

      Sometimes lack of colors brings the importance of colors itself. 😊

  1. What is the second income work if I may ask? Gosh, I’ve missed your post but I understand “this thing called life” as Prince would say😄. I’ve also been absent as I went to Corpus Christi, Texas (about 4 hour drive), the past few days as I was helping my beautiful niece organize her upcoming September wedding. It was so magical to be able to have some one in one time with her!

    1. Sorry and thanks for highlighting the mistake.

      It’s 2nd source of income! 😉

      Yes life is crazy crazy crazy, I am going through with a horrible boss, that is behaving as if I am leaving forever.

      So after I come back home, I have to do shopping, and when I finally reach home I have nothing left to write. Than I wake up early to go to office before 7 and leaving after 5 with no lunch or breakfast.

      So life is pretty hectic and blessed I would say, to test my patience and capabilities

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