lPost Ramadan

I am saying to myself and to my lovely people over here, Welcome Back!


The reason I am saying to myself, since the Ramadan ended, we are facing issues adjusting to the routine.

I like to share my schedule of Ramadan which was like this:

Woke up 4:00 am to have something for fasting usually it was milk, went for morning prayers, came back and sleep till 8:40am than run to office to reach by 9:00 am due to change of office hours in Ramadan. Than leave office at 3:30 pm did my prayers of afternoon than usually run to another city Makkah by 4:15 pm and came back home usually at around 2:00 am

So this affects everything!

Post Ramadan our biological clock is still going like this, it’s been around 1.5 weeks since Eid.

So these days, since I have 6th month closing and followed by annual vacations I have to do double the efforts to kill the work. I am leaving at around 7:00 am and coming back at around after 5:00 pm home with no lunch break.

After I come back, I try to have a tea and to my level best, do everything possible not to sleep so that I can change my schedule asap.

But what you know, even after I am taking tea and some light refreshments, I end up sleeping the place where I am sitting on carpet or sofa or bed.

And than waking up by either 9:00 pm or than at 3:00 am

Me and wife, decided to go out after Ramadan for a dine out, but for the past 3+ weeks we kept on delaying. But finally I said yesterday, enough is enough we need to go out and resume some normal activities. So we went out to try a new steak restaurant from Australia.

We love it, imagine I took the pictures of the shake but forgot the steak itself lol


I want to write something, but my mind is dull, drained, empty. So couldn’t able to generate anything to write.

I am following behind, in terms of replies on my past post. But I want to tell you, I am trying my level best, to write for few of them. For others, please be patience with me. Till I sort out my sleeping pattern.

I want to thank you all the new followers, which keeps growing, I don’t know how to follow all of them and be active with them. So if you find me not that supportive, please bear with me.

Love you all xoxo

15 Replies to “lPost Ramadan”

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    1. I wish I could, I have a fix biological clock. Six hours and I will get up without alarm.

      How are you, it’s been a while chatting with you. How is your daughter progressing? How is life in general, how is your health, so much to catch up!

  2. Hang in there, it’s funny you forgot to take a picture of the steak but the shake looks yummy though. We tend to be forgetful when we don’t get enough sleep πŸ™‚

    1. You are right, lack of sleep and change of pattern affect so much. It’s not the tiredness it’s the change of sleep pattern.

      My wife put a packet of chips in my office bag, believe me after 2 days she asked you haven’t checked the surprise, I said which one.

      She said I put this and you didn’t know all this time. I was like 😨😩

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