Jeddah – II

I appreciated the positive replies from my readers, on my last post about Saudi Arabia.

As promised in the last post I will share something else which I find informative and interesting in this land.

So today’s post is about hospitality!

Since Ramadan is going followed by Eid ul Fitr, which is like Christmas / Easter celebration for understanding point of view, we went to purchase some toys for daughter.

It was almost closing time before 6pm, so we got a parking space in Balad, which was a blessing in disguise. Than we rush to purchase perfumes and toys.

Since majority of the shops were closed, so very few remains open. We went to one shop where we went before last time as well.

After we got couple of toys of our choice and for her, I asked her what she wants, so she ask for a doll house which was the most expensive out of the other lot.

We quickly rush to the counter to make the payment, my Arabic is poor, but I was also not concentrating as well. The support boy was a fellow Pakistani, so I asked him how much he said 40 Riyal (10 USD) and I asked why. Because it was supposed to be close to 200 riyal (53 USD) at least.

He said it’s a gift from the owners!

Before that the perfume shop which was introduced by my colleague, when we first went to purchase. We purchased quite a bit of items. He not only reduced the prices but since my MIL was with us, he gave free perfume for her and to my daughter as well.

I got so many personal experiences, that I need loads of post for it. And it just don’t happened to me only, it happened with everyone.

The hospitality of the Arabs are next to nothing, a few good words specially to the old people can open the doors of their house for you.

And in Ramadan and Haj times specially the sky is the limit. Where they leave no stone unturned to do maximum hospitality towards everyone.

Below are the pictures of the gift received, May Allah bless his soul, and grant barqah in his wealth and fortune Ameen Summa Ameen

8 Replies to “Jeddah – II”

  1. I never visited Makkah and Madinah but heard a lot about hospitality specially in Ramadan at Sahoor and Iftaars.

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