The hub of all Muslims around the world. All Muslims direct towards this black block type building for prayers where ever they are. This black block building is pieces of rock put up more than 1,400+ years ago. The black color is because of special cloth stitched with Gold thread is placed on top of it. 

The people you will watch in the short video are doing Tawaf / circumambulation around it. Mandatory 7 round are to be made in anti clockwise . 

One interesting thing I will tell you this circumambulation / Tawaf have only stopped as to my knowledge 3 to 5 times or might be couple of more times from Prophet Ibrahim (Peace Be Upon Him) times till now which is roughly you can say around way before than Christ. When exactly no one knows the exact time. 

 Since that time till now this Tawaf / circumambulation is going non stop . It is amazing! 

Only at 5 prayer’s time the Tawaf / circumambulation stops which is max 5 – 7 minutes. Else whether it’s storm or even floods this Tawaf / circumambulation has never stop, not even if it’s war. 
Thought to share the video, with you all who didn’t know.

35 Replies to “Makkah”

    1. Yes plenty of time. We do it on regular basis from time to time.

      That’s why I am out of action, since I prefer to go in Ramadan specially every day. Although can’t able to unfortunately, but still go whenever I got the invitation to visit His house!

        1. It’s around 90km from Jeddah. But due to traffic these days, since close to 1 – 2 million + visitors. So it take 2+ hr one way commute. Although in normal days it’s 1 hr drive. Parking is a separate story altogether.


            1. It’s not far just the traffic, because people living in Jeddah also want to come and pray. So it’s like 1 hr to the checkpoint and for hardly 20km another 1 hr.

              Okay lol, The black box is called Kaaba, it’s you can say a block or a building, since you can go inside but not everyone.

              It’s been placed more than 1400+ years ago by Prophet Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him and the chiefs of the tribes at that time.

              Only the black cloth changes every year. The color now it’s black, but in old old times, it used to be Green and Red as well.

              Parking, well it’s why you have to run!

                1. Now only dignitaries are allowed. And only on special occasions not all the time.

                  I will send you the pictures what’s inside. It’s a simple hall what has been showed in the picture. But don’t know what else inside.

                  Someone said, that the idols from the prehistoric times are kept as a symbol. But I doubt about it!

    1. JazakAllah it’s says having a niyat to come, will be written. So you never know how many good deeds have been written on your account.

      I know people came for Umrah, and didn’t left but to the other world. I wish the same to die in Madina.

    1. I don’t know tbh, I think I was a bit inactive these days, so probably she thought that’s why I am not commenting regularly.

      She is a great human being. Yes your blog is very much in my mind. As soon as I get a bit free hopefully, Have to scanned your blog.

  1. Thanks for sharing the video. Have you receive my posts lately, probably not, because you haven’t talked to me for a while.

    I made a slight change of the site link. The old link is now Inactive. If you’re not following me, please ignore this message.

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    Sorry for the trouble. Thank you, Miriam

    1. That’s why I can’t able to see your post recently. I was also observing.

      These days I was quickly scanning the post due to some busy schedule.

      So glad you come over and share the new link. I will now follow up.

      Why you changed it, everything alright, I hope you get all your data back. Since you have so beautiful memories in it.

    1. My pleasure

      Just trying to reduce the knowledge gap about Islam in general, which is under negative radar.

      Thanks for your encouragement, really appreciated my dear General πŸ’“πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’“

  2. Ty for sharing bhai, I ve once watched on a documentary that The tavvaf creates so much energy that you could produce electricity with it… this is amazing 😍
    And the view from space? I am sure you’ve heard!
    Allah’s miracles are everywhere subhanallah ❀️

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