I was missing everyone, thought to say hello to everyone. 

How is life, what is happening. 

I am having super tight busy schedule, where I go with the time. I miss one slot, and the whole thing mess up pretty much. 

Having a bit okay Ramadan, not 100% as to my liking or what I have desired for myself to keep up. But Alhamdolilah ( Praise be to Allah) that I am able to keep Ablution for majority of the time. Which was my main target. 

The Salah / Prayers all of them in congregation is not completely achieved. I have to do some of them at home. But I intended to catch up and do the rest of them at masjid. 

How is everything else going, with all of you. I wanted to do, What I learn today series, just time is so short that if I get time, I try to sleep so that I have energy later in the night for night prayer’s.  

Did I say, I miss you all. Well, one more time I miss all of you. 

For those who are new, I am a Muslim, so we are observing our Holy Month of Ramadan. We have long hours of fasting, shorter work hours but not shorter work load and long nights in prayers. So have to sleep in chunks majority of the time at my end. That’s why you won’t find my post recently.  I hope you can bear with me for this month till July, than my regular timings will start.

The most important thing, I got 500 followers, Love all of you, for so many recent ones, unfortunately I have been busy since end of April till June. I expect, desired, hope, pray and wish that July I have a breather and get to all those news ones from 200th follower to 500 to go through your post. 

The new numbers just jump up. And it was hard for me to catch up on those post. Plus my old trusted battilions one’s,  as well.

Love all my old peep over here,  you guys are the best! 

45 Replies to “Hello”

  1. I wish you well. I think it’s commendable that you care about your followers. As for me, I am doing well. My first novel was recently released on Amazon, and I had a successful book-signing. Now I am getting myself ravelled again (after feeling unravelled.)

    1. O wow, that’s awesome! I didn’t know that you are a distinguished writer. Let me check at your end.

      How are the sales going?

      Well for me, I am on self discovery mission, so talking with others help me finding myself through them. That’s how I take it. I find a bit of things from you as well. So like to have a long conversation on any topic of interest. Since I go into any topic. If I don’t know about it, I seek guidance and learn about it from the other .

    2. Please share your link, I have replied to at one of your post. I think with your picture about your interview. Correct me if I am wrong, that was you in the picture?

      Please do share me your link of the book!

      Also from your post, you should like a Mathematician as well. I might be needing your help in that regard as well. Like loads of bugging will take place from my part. I hope you don’t mind, so accept the invitation of help with reservation. I have couple of questions relating to it for my own self interest. lol 😀

      And thank you so so so so much to reply on my post, I am able to know about you, else I might would never had.

        1. Okay, I need to learn Calculus and Algorithm, I am pretty pretty bad in maths, I want to learn so that I can do better programming. Now how can you help me in this regard.

          My math background is pretty elementary you can say. So it’s like you are teaching an adult from Kindergarden about Calculus and Algorithm. So now the ball is in your court, and the mike is over to you 🙂

          I hope you don’t mind, can you suggest, some good basic website, so that I can start from scratch.

          Like what is Calculus and Algorithm, I am good hard working student, that you can trust upon me. I will spare my time, to learn these two Gladiator terms at my end. But by the looks of it, your usage of words in your blogs, suggest you seems to take it more simple and joyful. Which I want, my teacher was not so great. So I couldn’t able to enjoy learning the Math at all. It has always been a mountain to climb at my end.

          But I know, their are logic involved in each of the Math query, my only issue is to get a mentor who can be kind enough to help me scale this mountain.

          So please help me 🙂

  2. Take your time and get through the month. We’ll be here waiting for you when things get back to normal in July✨

    1. That’s my real follower, which I am so happy to have.

      Thank you for your presence and followship.

      How is life progressing? What’s happening? How is your pushup routine going?

      1. ☺️✨ life is doing well, of course there are issues here and there but life goes on. I’m in a good mood at the moment so that’s what I’m going to focus on. The push-ups have been going well though I haven’t done them today yet! Will do now! How about you how are your workouts going ?

        1. Looks like you need some Rocky Movie theme songs at the moment. Fight like a tiger 🙂

          As you know, we are going through with our Holy Month of Ramadan. So we have short office hours than normal but the work wise it’s the same. Plus we have long prayers in the night and have to keep fast from before sunrise till sunset. So it’s 15+ hours at my end approximately.

          We all sleep in Ramadan in patches, 3 hours in the night, than 3 odd hours after morning prayers before office time, than 1.5 hrs or so if we are lucky after I come back from office.

          So didn’t getting any time for any exercise routine.

          1. Wow, It’s so interesting and fascinating hearing how different many of us live our lives, yet we’re still similar in soo many ways also. Thank you for sharing that✨🌻

    1. Hahaha just the schedule is so tight whatever time I get I try to sleep in middle. 2 or 3 or 4 hrs.

      So it’s like have to work sleep prayer all going at once.

      That’s why lost in action. Plus work hours reduced in office but the work pressure is the same. So couldn’t get time to check in office.

            1. I prefer to be that way, I like to disconnect from world, love to lost in Scotland Highland, in the midst of forest riding a Black Mustang Horse amongst the old oak trees. Looking for a lady who writes as if she lives in woodland of that part. 😀 😀 😀

      1. Life is simple yet busy 😅…. Like you, I have also written some unedited and incomplete post that are in drafts…wondering when I’ll complete them…else, everything is good.

        1. That’s good to know life is simple and not complicated. You are lucky ones few have that liberty.

          Usually I don’t keep anything in draft. Except what I plan to post, so put a header only to remember.

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