500 up

I didn’t realise seriously one day on such short period of time, people will look up to what I have to say and talk with me. 

It’s amazing to know each and everyone of you. 

This post is dedicated to all special people who were their when I really don’t know blogging. I just started have a rough post. 

Can’t thank enough to all those who come every day and read, like and specially take time to comment at my end. 

Thank you all! 

53 Replies to “500 up”

    1. Thanks dear, I am happy to find people like you, who are real motivation for me. Who are passionate towards what they like and dream. And goes in day in and day out writing about it. Irrespective they get the like or the traffic.

      So I love to have people like you. Thank you for following me ❀

    1. Thank you for your support for believing in me, for sharing your stories with me, for being open to me as well. Had you being closed heart. I never had been that frank probably. So credit goes to you as well my friend Elizabeth.

  1. Congratulations,
    I started my blog in May 2015 ,but in initial months i lost my tempo,than again some in 2016,now i started once again three days back to at least share something fruitful with you all .

    1. I wish you the very best, just keep going take interest in other blogger post, and also a little into yours.

      See your interest and add + follow relating to your interest, so that some activity build up.

      But go actively on bloggers post. And have interaction with them with genuine discussion even you don’t know ask them. They will become your real followers.

    1. Yes I have started in 2010 than hardly posted 8 till March 17th than all of a sudden this blog rejuvenate and now got 500 followers.

      So it definitely fast, but difficult to manage all the followers post.

        1. I agree to your concensus, so many lovely people without biasedness and genuine concern for the others are here. Plus I have observed, so many need our help.

          I have couple of people, who needs help, like serious help they need someone who can talk to them. So that they can come out and enjoy life like normal people. They unfortunately, end up into wrong people who have made their lives miserable.

          I believe a genuine concern and help towards them, will bring them out.

          This speak about, how is your Fil doing? I hope something positive might come up.

          1. This blogging world is indeed a refuge for most of us. My father-in-law is slowly recovering and he is back home so that is a great relief. He will need time to regain his strength but he is getting there. Thank you for asking πŸ™‚

            1. You are most welcome my next door neighbor and fellow belogger πŸ™‚

              My wish that he recovers fully, old age does have it’s own issues, my mother is also passing through the same stage of life. So its like same struggles. The main thing, they remains in our life as long as God wishes peacefully, healthy and happily. As we grow older, we need them more than they probably need us more!

              1. I am sure it works both ways. They need us as much as we need them. I hope your mother feels better in the days to come. Recovery is sadly enough a longer process as you age.

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