One of my beautiful blogger friend, shehannamoore asked me to write about Saudi Arabia. So I thought instead of writing like my Malaysia post. I should write in a different prospective. I will be sharing my pleasant and not so pleasant experience as well in this series from time to time. 

This is the first series of my experience in Saudi Arabia, living in Jeddah for the past 10 years. So I will be honest with my views. I hope you will like my experience. 

For those who don’t know much about Saudi Arabia, I will briefly tell some information: 

  1. This is the biggest country in Middle East. 
  2. It’s the main hub of all Muslims in the world. Like we have Vatican for Christian, Similarly we have Makkah for us. All Muslims around the world when we pray, we pray towards Makkah direction. I have read somewhere it’s also the center of the world from all direction.
  3. Saudi Arabia is the biggest oil exporter, from production wise Russia is the biggest producer. 
  4. Saudi Arabia has more expatriates than own native people.
  5. It got beautiful Red Sea which is the best in the world. 
  6. It has the biggest and tallest flag and flagpole in the world. 
  7. It will become hopefully the host to tallest building in the world around 1km straight to sky from Earth.

Their are many other information which I will bring from time to time. But the today post is something different which I have observed over here, and no where else in the world. 

At the time of prayers, all shops are closed compulsory by the Govt order, however, shop keepers big or small just put a simple cloth on their stuff and leave unattended unsupervised and go for prayers. 

No camera, no policeman no one! 

Their is so much peace and tranquillity with law and order that it amazes me, no one will steal or disturb anything. You will find all the things open to be taken, but no one touch it. Yes shopkeeper do lock the door. But usually it’s glass door and anyone can break and Rob it. But nothing happened. 

It’s because of this reason, the street crimes is very minimal. I go on tours for days and months. And I hardly closed my main door of the house. 

Thought to share some interesting pictures of this amazing place, that I call my home. We love to stay here with the beautiful people. 

The below pictures are at the time of prayer, while I was going towards masjid / mosque. And the shops are closed! 


62 Replies to “Jeddah”

  1. It is also the most costliest place on earth!

    I have seen a video of a bread shop, I guess it was there in Arab itself or Egypt, I am a bit confused. That bread shop bakes their own bread. There are many shelves which have a collection of breads and there’s a basket where people are supposed to pay. No one directly looks after the customer. They bake those breads somewhere in the backside. There’s no CCTV camera to even check if any customer paid or not. They believe that everybody will pay without any fail and those people who cannot afford it, for them it is free. At the end of the month when they check the basket, they find the exact money.

    1. The costliest is Makkah and Madina, Jeddah not to that extent.

      A single hotel room in front of Kaaba, on the last day of Ramadan easily goes to 14,000 USD per night.

      And yes you are right, the old shops are like that. CCTV just started to come over here.

      Thanks for sharing more colors to the post, appreciated it ๐Ÿ˜Š

    1. That’s great to hear, where are you residing which city? How KSA treating you well.

      It’s been 10 year for me.

      Many thanks for the appreciation, Will be posting a lot more from time to time. Nice to know you and will be in touch

  2. Wow, it needs to be like this all over the world. Less theft and crime in general. I know we learned about the Red Sea in school but unfortunately can’t remember much from then

    1. The law is strict overhere, thats why. Your hands are chopped off from ankle if you caught stealing, if you do armed robbery your neck is taken out in the public.

      So people are scared, but it doesn’t means that this doesn’t happened. Their are armed robberies and burglary but it’s a rarity to find it.

      1. Woah. Yeah I wouldn’t do it either if I knew that would happen. But of course you shouldn’t period and of course some people don’t care about much in life so they do it anyway. It’s like no matter what we do there will be these problems.

            1. Yes very shameful for those who do it for thrill, but for others if the condition of the social injustice is so vast that it’s difficult to survive. I blame the state to make such conditions for them.

  3. I loved this post seriouslyโ€ฆ. and such a lucky human you are to live where our prayers are still respected ๐Ÿ€

    And especially thanks for the pics, so I can imagine how it looks like thereโ€ฆ

    1. Thanks for stopping would love to stop by. Have been occupied these days in our Holy month Ramadan. So not able to catch up anything.

      Will do stop by later. Much appreciated for your support.

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