General Dave Routine – May 26, 2017

Day 11

Today, I was able to do it, wife was quite tired after late night outing. πŸ’ƒπŸ’ͺ

Yesterday had arm wrestling match with one of my colleague. He wanted to do in intervals. So 1st one I won, 2nd one I was about to win, than due to bad angle of his arm my arm lifted so the match cancel. But muscle got a jolt, I think I have rupture something. But nothing serious, will put muscle relaxing cream for the time being. 

Anyway, it didn’t stop me from doing my routine!

Me: 7 pushup + 1:17 second normal plank.

Wife: Zero

So what’s your excuse! 

A small preview for those reading this post for the 1st time. 

If you have read my post What I learn – May 09, 2017. I shared with you my conversation with one blogger by the name of Dave Gardner. The addition of title General is from myself as a show of respect towards him, since he is a retired US Servicemen.

He adviced me, to start a routine which should be simple and ridiculously easy, but do it at the same time, same set, everyday. So to start the habit.


17 Replies to “General Dave Routine – May 26, 2017”

        1. These days can’t get the time for them. I left to office they are sleeping, I came back I have to sleep. When we both are awake, we have to go for prayers. So very less we are having for each other

      1. Ha ha ha!πŸ˜„! You need t-shirts … Team Wifey and Team Hubby and if can be like that a light hearted competition where you traders, family and friends can pick their “winning team” to cheer y’all both on πŸ‘

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