What I learn Today – May 24, 2017

I learn that slow down, your body needs rest. It’s okay to achieve and people needs you. But it’s must to slow down. 

Specially that you don’t miss what is obligatory. 

Yesterday, I was so dead tired, since as Ramadan is coming near and near I want to finish everything at my end to the max. So that in Ramadan I can concentrate more what is required and important rather what is not. 

We happened to do all our grocery and Eid shopping beforehand, so that we don’t waste our precious time on traffic, shopping malls and other things. Alhamdolillah ( Blessings of God) that we did 95% of the things we planned at our end. 

But unfortunately, I was able to sleep hardly 5 hrs or less for the past 5 days. 

Yesterday, I have to go again to a party, after my sunset prayers (Magrib) I told my wife I will be sleeping so wake me up. She try 2 times than my daughter tried. And I woke up at 5am in the morning. Missed my obligatory prayer. 

I hate it, today’s lesson is quite important not to do anything in extreme, so as to leave over obligation!!!


19 Replies to “What I learn Today – May 24, 2017”

    1. Actually i don’t like anyone saying me Sir, for me it’s like I am a boss, which i am not. Since in our part of the world is usually treated in that context.

      I call my boss by his name.

      That’s why nothing to offend her. She is a lovely lady for sure, I am sure she doesn’t mind. I respect her too. I want to make the other person at the equal level as mine.

      I don’t like they treat me something high so informal communication is more better than formal within the level of respect and not crossing it at any point.

      Thought to clear myself, to avoid any misunderstanding. Since in social media, we don’t see each other. So don’t know the context of the other person. So better to clarify rather than creating meaningless wall within us.

    1. You are most welcome my dear sister.

      Yes I learned this important lesson. We are rushing ourselves to complete the grocery, so from office I run home from their to grocery to come back home. Do some stuff and than some sleep.

      Really i was cursing myself to miss my Issah prayers. Plus miss the Fajr in masjid. Prayed on time at home. Which is not good. Since I love to be at masjid πŸ˜”πŸ˜’πŸ˜€β˜Ή

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