Ramadan Objective

Ramadan is coming in the next 4 to 5 days. I was thinking this year it needs to be more productive than the past. I desire to take more out of it, unlike I have one in the past. Where normally we finish the 5 prayers which normally we have too, do zikr and recite Quran without going in deep. So thinking to what to get out of it. How part comes later. Following along the lines I am thinking broadly:

  1. Try to be in Wadhu/ Ablution all the time. That’s my core objective of this Ramadan. If I achieve this objective till next Ramadan. I would say, I have achieve my this Ramadan objective. 
  2. Recite 1 page but do it daily.
  3. Make all my prayers in congregation rather than individual at home / office. 
  4. Be punctual on time. 
  5. Use Miswak a lot more than I normally do. 

68 Replies to “Ramadan Objective”

    1. InshaAllah Ramadan Kareem to you and your family as well. May Allah makes your husband less demanding in kitchen so that you spend quality in ibadah. Ameen Summa Ameen.

      Have you made any objectives for yours. This is the first time in life I am making it myself.

      1. Thank you so much!! I made alot of preparations before ramadan starts….so that i don’t need to spend a lot of time in kitchen 😄!!
        Alhamdulillah so far it went smoothly!!!

        I have not made any special objective as such….but would like to do so many good deeds which i planned mentally!!!Insha allah hope i would be able to make it!!

        Stay blessed!!

        1. Alhamdolillah and MashaAllah my sister it’s great you planned in advance, to have meaningful time for yourself.

          I have made it for the 1st time, to get the spirit of Ramadan. I observed many people keep it. So that’s my first objective that I want to keep it till next Ramadan.

          It’s hard but definitely do able!

          I take things for granted, and Ramadan is like same, go to Masjid did zikr and quran recitation etc. But what about after Ramadan. Same old bad habits comes in.

          So this time I am focus to keep the objective.

          1. Insha allah!!! May allah reward you abundantly for your good Niyyath…Aameen!!
            Hope we can utilize this blessed month to the fullest insha allah!!

  1. Assalamualaykum, I really liked your post. I am very excited about ramadan, I usually cry when it comes to an end. My favorite part about Ramadan is seeing how it brings all the muslims together and really makes our relationship stronger. What masjid do you usually go to?

    1. Walaikumussalam

      I miss Tarawee the most I wish Tarawee to be done everyday.

      Your wish is so true, since Satan is chained, so we see human being as human beings and nothing else.

      Where do you live?

    1. No its throughout the year, it’s compulsory if you are doing prayers or reciting Quran.

      Both male and female, however, children are exempted till the time of maturity.

      No soap only simple water. I will find a video and post it as to how it’s down

        1. You are most welcome to ask any question. Well it’s 7 years that he should start by 10 it’s obligatory not to leave prayer at all.

          Sorry for the late reply, my daughter started coughing profoundly a lot. So was looking at her, than it was quite late around 12am. So went to sleep.

              1. Culture and traditions facilitate me too!!
                Poor little baby girl – I don’t know if you have Vick’s Vapor Rub ointment there but if you do you can try putting a bunch of it on the bottom sole of her feet and cover with socks (but not safe if she’s a curious one to taste!!!) (you do this at bed time) then in the morning should help. Works for some (has for me and my ex). Praying she feels better fast!

                1. See we all share loads of similarities we are doing the same lol

                  Actually these days it’s dead hot, the normal tap water is coming like water from heater.

                  She was in the bath tub for long. So she got cold I guess from there. You have to stay in Air conditioning environment which is not healthy to be honest. But you don’t have any other option as well. When the sun is going to Ultra High UV status with temperatures soaring at around 43 Celcius

    1. Ramadan Kareem to you and your family and friends.

      May Allah make us steadfast to keep it and achieve what we plan to achieve in it. And make it possible to remember and implement what we practiced in Ramadan till next Ramadan.

  2. Thanks for your advice, if failed in the application assessment, but inshallah no, Canada will be on of my plan, newzealand, and Sweden. What do you know about those countries?!

      1. Thanks for your advice, Finland is an advantage too, I actually want to say that Finland will be my last option, have you ever been there ?! If so why you prefer it than others . please share your knowledge and experience of it to know , so that I can determine my destination much clearly. Thanks colors of my life❤️

        1. No I haven’t been to any of these places, but just happened to read a little bit in detail about them from tourist information to general information to political and social prospective. That’s my hobby to read about countries.

          Finland is top in terms of education, i seriously want to move. We are thinking to move to Finland. So haven’t started in that prospective but in general Finland education is something you should research it’s fascinating.

          The best in the world at the moment for the past 7 8 + years now.

          So Germany, States, Singapore, China and Japan can’t able to compete them since long.

          It’s something I am thinking my child should have this system. After Ramadan will research about moving option in detail.

          But from tourist point of view I love NZ because it’s country side is awesome or Norway on overall basis

          1. Very beautiful comment, I actually read about the education system, it is almost free, and everything is provided for education for free to your kids! Very true! I will check it out more about this country. I might go there, lovely information, thanks colors of my life👍

            1. It’s not about free education, it’s about how they are giving education. Their education system is different from the rest of the world.

              They give 1st exam in school at the age of 16, and not before, since they believe the child brain is not able to be tested by 16 age.

              They get education only 3 to 4 hours per day. So that they can grab the information and not feed them.

              They hardly have 10 minutes of homework.

              They have 3 to 5 languages taught in school. And children know in detail about it.

              They don’t have ANY private schools.

              All their school have uniformity in them.

              I am in love with them, that’s why giving my daughter homeschooling over school

          1. Sorry about late for keeping your question unanswered, I got lost between all comments. However, my plan goes as following;
            Firstly, I have to continue master degree in phontics of English language. Secondly, I have filed up an application under immigration scheme skilled workers to Australia. hopefully ,I can get the answer from them by next year. Lastly, I will stay there forever. Thanks for asking and caring about my plans, colors of my life! 🙂

            1. Okay, that’s sound like a long term serious plan. Remember, Australia job market is tough plus the weather as well.

              Odd jobs are good enough. But have to scratch.

              Try for other places as well.

                    1. Actually you know Ramadan routine, than immediately following up will be 6 months closing. So board meeting will be lined up.

                      So if go and come it will be quite hectic.

                      Of course I don’t want to lose the opportunity like I did with Syria. May Allah bless your land and make it safe and prosperous. Ameen Summa Ameen

        1. Good if you are failing to plan you are planning to fail. So good that you are trying.

          Go to my any objective post, the feature picture. Download and look at it carefully. Whenever I am lost in my goals I see that.

          It really help to lift you up.

          Plus I am here for my brother!

    1. In Wadhu / Ablution we do the following:

      – Wash the hands.
      – Gargle the mouth
      – Put water in nose to clean it.
      – Clean the face
      – Clean the hands till elbow
      – Soak your hand with water and brush your hairs with it, as if you are setting your hairs. ( I hope you get the idea)
      – Clean both the feet.

      By this you cleanse your outer body which is exposed.

      Now if you pass air or nature call or sleep you have to repeat.

      It is a quite simple ritual persay but the thing you get tied up in things and don’t do it, except before going for prayers.

      So if I discipline myself in keeping the ablution throughout the day, that’s a big achievement for me.

        1. That’s dear, yes it’s tough to be honest, since every time it’s goes out.

          Do it again. So initially it’s hard. But I have whole month to practice it. So have to be extra disciplined in it.

          Thanks for your sincere and lovely wishes!

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