The Versatile Award

I would like to thank The caged bird sings webFat no Fear and Hussein Allam who nominated me for this award. I have been nominated for the award before. I wanted to post about it then got quite busy. Apologies! You all should definitely visit them.


  1. Thank the Blogger who nominated you.
  2. Nominate 10 other bloggers and inform them about the nomination.
  3. List 7 facts about yourself.

7 Facts

  1. I sleep 6 hours only
  2. I love sports shops, I want to purchase everything in sports shop.
  3. I love deep sea diving alot. Because of my sinus I can’t do now.
  4. I love horses alot
  5. I love to have 4 seater plane have a big land in Africa, with different animals and go for hunting or early sunrise and sunset photography.
  6. I love road travel and photography.
  7. I want to have early retirement by 48 max and enjoy my life.

Except of Fat no Fear (15) everyone ask for 10 nominees. So will put those who hasn’t got any so far what I have observed:

  1. Nashra Usmani
  2. Miss Naidu
  3. Reema
  4. Paul Militaru
  5. Nigel
  6. Anisha
  7. On a mission
  8. Poojan
  9. Little May
  10. annicaaktiv
  11. Sumit
  12. Roda
  13. Dippydottygirl
  14. KaliBorovic
  15. Mrs SLDN

66 Replies to “The Versatile Award”

    1. 1 Copy the logo
      2 Copy paste the whole post my easy process

      3 Give the link to the blog who nominate you, and if you can share what you like in that blog or what is it about.
      4 Answer the questions in it the award. Like something about you 7 facts.
      5 Nominate 10 or 15 whatever the case other blogger in your list with link.
      6 Tell them you have nominate them

    1. It’s from the time my living memory is I don’t know the reason why.

      But I have read, 2% of population of the world have this quality of sleeping only 6 hrs.

      For me, I can’t stay on bed after 6 I need to do something and wife is also sick of this habit. Since I want to do something I can’t sit on bed.

            1. At my end unfortunately it does hurt. I slept more today, I can’t able to start my day properly. Over slept myself for some odd reasons.

              My head is really spinning since morning. Strange but true!!!

                1. Can I admit one more thing 😢

                  I am not a tea addict or drinker as such. If I get it,it’s okay else I can take a tea / coffee without any effects over me. 🤓

                  I do take tea but not because I have too. Although since morning I have 2 tea with milk and one green tea. But my head is heavy because of excessive sleep 😣😥

                  I know I am odd one out 😏😌😎

    1. Seriously there are time when I want to sleep. But I can’t sleep, I don’t have to put alarm even. I will wakeup exactly almost 6 hours after I slept.

      My wife is annoyed with this habit lol

  1. Congratulations☺️ I never get a full night of sleep either.
    Deep sea diving sounds so cool and scary at the same time lol but I know it was a wonderful experience

    1. Just Google Red Sea, it was scary when I saw the deep sea, near the shore you won’t feel anything.

      But when you see the flung, the heart rate jumps up with shock, excitement, thrill and adhreline.

      It’s can’t be described in words. I don’t want to come back out seriously. The underworld is way beautiful.

      I do get full night sleep, I never get more than that. Once I am awake I am awake fully pumped up. I can go without sleep for 35 hrs that the max I push myself while I was auditor

  2. Congrats mate! Haha I sleep only 6 hours too, dark circles are the new trend 😅
    Thank you so much for the nomination, I really appreciate it! And it’s such a good way to discover new bloggers as well.

    1. Most welcome dear,

      As far as my living memory is, I am the only anda of my parents who is like this since childhood.

      So less is more, heard only 2% of the whole population of the world has this quality.

      So high five 🙋

    1. lol Yes that I wish to have, and enjoy my life.

      You can sign the bank and fund agreement papers in this regard as my Letter of Guarantor in case of default 😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅

    1. I wish it does, I have allergy to dust and unfortunately I live in a desert country so dust can’t get out.

      And with sinus going into deep sea is high risky. I went but now don’t want to risk it.

    2. Thanks you for your appreciation, road travel are fun if you really want to enjoy it. Else it could be way boring, specially going in the middle of desert with nothing around.

      Anything can happened! So you need to be bold to enjoy such adventure

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