One Lovely Blogger Award

I was nominated for the One lovely Blogger Award

Special thanks to Purposedrivenlife and Doodling Panda for nominating me. They both are one amazing writers and bloggers. Hope you check her blog. This is my “first time” to received an award and I appreciate it a lot. I find it special to be chosen and I can’t really help myself but smile with this award.


  1. Each nominee must thank the person who nominated them and must give a link to their blog in their post.
  2. They must include the rules and add the blog award badge as an image.
  3. Must add 7 facts about themselves.
  4. Nominate 15 people to do the award!

7 facts about myself:

  1. I don’t have TV at my home, we do have but it’s a decoration piece mainly.
  2. I sleep only 6 hours, can’t sleep more even if I wanted.
  3. I love road travelling than by air.
  4. If I get passionate about something, I forgot everything else unless someone disturb me, I just kept on going and going for hours even.
  5. I am addicted to almost everything.
  6. I love all sports and wanted that I have experienced to play all of them as well with medals, have many medals in sports during my academic years.
  7. My love for Africa is quite high, I love to stay in Kinshasa National Park or do Kenyan Safari tour before I die or before all animal vanish from planet earth.

My 15 nominees are:

  1. Tales for Life
  2. The Showers of Blessing
  3. Hati Nisa
  4. Der Weg ist das Ziel
  5. Frank Solanki
  6. Harshleen Israni
  7. Sharon
  8. Michelle Cook
  9. Houston Photo Journey
  10. Hussein Allam
  11. Shehannemoore
  12. raynotbradbury
  13. sofeetravels

57 Replies to “One Lovely Blogger Award”

    1. Thank you much appreciated and honored inspite what you mentioned.

      I didn’t know before, that many have awards free policy. Since you are 2nd one who said it. I will be careful next time!

        1. Yes I accepted it, because it’s the love they show to me.

          Plus since I am still new, many people wanted to know about me. So that’s a new thing I discover about it. So it’s not just nomination it’s the knowing part as well.

    1. Yes I have the following pending 😦
      – 2 Mystery Awards
      – 2 Liebster Awards
      – 3 Versatile Awards.
      I hope nothing else remaining. So schedule the Versatile one for tomorrow. Than the 2 Liebster Awards and than followed by 2 Mystery Awards. Than I am all done.

      Plus today did one lovely blog award

      Sorry for the Delay.

        1. It’s alright, the awards were piling up day by day.

          Although I personally prefer to write each and individual one of them. But than due to shortage of time. Decided to combine all categories into one and finish it.

          Hopefully from July I will do individually rather than combine like this.

      1. Well , believe this happened coz you are being swamped with a lot of works while you are working abroad , don’t worry, many excuses have put on your side, I understand you well, what is the meaning of work outside of the country! Enta ya maalem ma Fe moshkela!😉

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