General Dave Routine – May 20, 2017

Day 6

I have done continuous 6 days now 5 push up, tomorrow is the last day of the routine, after that change of routine with addition.

So today’s 5 pushup is done and dusted!

What’s your excuse of not starting any routine today?

If you have read my post What I learn – May 09, 2017. I shared with you my conversation with one blogger by the name of Dave Gardner. The addition of title General is from myself as a show of respect towards him, since he is a retired US Servicemen.

He adviced me, to start a routine which should be simple and ridiculously easy, but do it at the same time, same set, everyday. So to start the habit.


22 Replies to “General Dave Routine – May 20, 2017”

    1. Interesting question, we are going to have our biggest Holy month in the coming month of June starting most likely from May 28.

      We will be fasting for approximately 15 to 16.5 hrs in it.

      So I was thinking to do planks plus the pushup or add pushup with squats / lunges.

      Will start the walk in July.

      1. Sure, as long as it doesn’t disrupt your religious practices. That’s really important. I think planks would be awesome. They are great for the core, plus they are not too tough on you when you are fasting. What is your Holy Month? Is it Ramadan? (I hope I’m spelling it correctly).

        1. Yes planks came up to my mind, it’s the one exercise which produces great results without making too much time. And it will complement a lot of things alongside it.

          I think pushup with planks will be than.

          Yes it’s Ramadan, and you pronounce it properly. In Christian faith their is also fasting one of my FB friend she does it, if I am not wrong!

          I want to make time for this small routine out of my routine. That will help in long course! So skipping is not an option. You have to do what you have to do!

        1. I am having all different things running. Like two or three times pushup with addition of crunches as well. Or leg ups. So many things I used to do.

          Haven’t able to makeup my mind.

          But the best part is, I have started which I can’t able to do. That push was required!

      1. It’s not easy… even my husband doesn’t understand me but lack of self-love controls my whole decisions in life

        1. I can understand, I have to make my wife understand my philosophy, this happened this Tuesday.

          She said, you are taken granted by someone. I said it so what I don’t care, she said it will haunt you later. I said time will heal everything. It will create issues, I just closed my eyes. I don’t see what people thinks or say for some odd reason.

          I just leave them, they belittle me sometimes, but than I see after sometime or years, I see the results

            1. lol Yesterday I was praying Zuhr, and she was talking with her elder sister. She the same with someone. And she was repeating the same story what she was telling me. And I started laughing while I was praying couldn’t stop putting a smile on my face.


              So you are not alone. But the best piece of advice I can give to you is check Quran / Hadees what it says about it.

              I am sure you will get the answer. In my personal opinion, just a small refinement is needed. But I want you to dig it yourself. Than I will tell my opinion. I am not a scholar though!

              1. I ve read so many books, search in hadees…I know my value cuz elhamdülillah I am musalman..

                Sometimes the traumas we suffered take overhand and our mind start playing game with us..then life becomes unbearable, I can escape my thoughts during Namaz elhamdülillah

                1. Wow that’s super awesome! Nothing can beat you than if that’s the case seriously.

                  If Namaz can give you pleasure, than you are from another planet. This world can’t understand you for sure!

                  You are some other undefined category. Please do remember me in your special prayers.

                  1. Tysm…insallah I ll mention u in my prayers…even if I would forget sometimes then still my prayers would reach you as I pray for Ummah insallah

                2. Alhamdolillah MashaAllah and Insh a Allah may Allah steadfast you like this. And protect you from bad eyes and grant you big and beautiful palace in Jannatul Firdous and make us your guest.

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