What I learn today – May 19, 2017

I didn’t like to tell you guys everyday, as to how much I am busy. But to give a hint, my day yesterday started at 4:00 am and end up at 11:00pm. We have to went outside for something, and while I was stopping at a signal near the home, I was so exhausted and tired that while waiting for signal to open. I slept my wife noticed it and woke me up 😛

Luckily it was the last signal before our house comes in. I didn’t had breakfast or lunch so only able to took dinner very late in the night. So couldn’t able to do my routine or post anything.

So without going much further, let me share what I learn yesterday till now:

  • I was talking with a blogger so this thought came to my mind some habits we can tame, some we can control and some we can stop forever.

  • Make your spouse part of your objective routine, I can bet you won’t regret it. I had a difficult time managing these days my time. Yesterday, I couldn’t able to go to congregation for my late night prayer (Issah) I was driving to somewhere to meet someone, when I came back I was a bit tired. So didn’t have the energy to go to a Masjid / Mosque / Praying area near my house. So decided to pray at home. She pushed me to complete it, else my eyes were shutting. Similarly, since I slept as soon as I went to bed. My daughter can’t able to sleep without me making her sleep. She kept awake till 12:00am. So afterwards, she can’t able to sleep for some reason. When I woke up at 4:00 am for my morning prayers, she was dozing in sleep. I pushed her to finish her morning prayer since it’s obligatory prayers on Muslim so didn’t want her to miss it. When I came back from Masjid, to see whether she finished it. She had. I was so happy, that she pushed me to finish Issah prayer and I pushed her for Fajr prayers. So involve your spouse fully in finishing your task.

  • Just like our acts should be humble, our words should be humble. I realize our post should also be humbled. I have observe at my end, a lot of fellow bloggers are in crisis into various things, how would it felt like showing at my end, that I am enjoying to the fullest. My tone of excitement should be such they don’t feel that everyone is enjoying in life and we can’t. I need to accommodate them into my post.

9 Replies to “What I learn today – May 19, 2017”

  1. I think this is all very true. And it shows great respect not to …A, make out your life is absolutely fabulous, when other folks are in crisis and
    B, Not go on and on about that crisis but be uplifting.
    Well said

    1. Thanks for supporting my views, someone recently followed me, I was reading her ordeal through her post. She need serious help.

      And I felt, by expressing my joy, achievement and happiness is great with likes, comments and appreciation. But what about those, who are going through worst of time. How they felt about it? They don’t speak, but their hearts speak.

      Our actions have responsibilities. We should tone our words, it’s not that we shouldn’t post or express. But keep in mind, for those. Uplift them through that process, should be our objective as well. Since we are all human being. The Be – ING is forgotten in it.

        1. Absolutely right, the coming month is like that for us.

          In our faith, it’s says whoever do good deed the reward is 10x than normal act.

          So everyone tries to outdone in good deeds specially in this month.

          People find reason to do good deeds. They will give water food after breaking fast at the sunset.

          Many things!!!

            1. Yes that’s the objective of this month. To do good from mind body and soul to stop not only from taking food but from various act.

              Speaking ill and so many other things which we normally do. A reminder that we have to return back and answer for those ill deeds.

    1. Hahahaha, Yes we both have too, it’s tag team efforts. I can’t do so many things if she is not supportive. Specially from blogging part of view. I have to scratch my time, and she don’t say why you are in front of mobile. Whereas I should be spending more time with her.

      But than where she requires, I try my level best to comfort her to my max.

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