Objective of the day – May 18/19, 2017

Thought to write my objective in a different way today, I follow my mentor in this regard. As you have read, I am having very hectic days, that I can’t able to write this Objective series, from where this whole blog lifted. Thought to share how my days goes from Yesterday when I woke up till today. I am having these hectic routine these days, next month which will be month of RAMADAN, the whole Muslims routine becomes very different, it would be awesome and tough at the same time:


4:22 AM Woke up and than wake my wife up for morning prayers (Fajr), went to Masjid / Mosque came back at home. Had a discussion with wife about the progress of our daughter homeschooling and what we should focus on and where we are lacking in my view and getting her point of view for the future course of action.

5:30 AM Start my meditation process.

6:15 AM Getting ready to go to office.

6:55 AM left to office and reach office, thanks not too much traffic by that time.

7:13 AM Reach office safely and planned out my office schedule for the day.

9:30 AM Start processing all the transactions for 20 odd funds coming in the Treasury Area and look out the WP community for a while.

10:00 AM Start the Income and Fees Accrual booking for 3 Funds.

11:30 AM Finish almost everything, now looking for the other things to clear.

12:30 PM Went for my Midday prayers.

1:15 PM Have a look at WP Community, call home to see how things are progressing found out, the home Fiber Optic line is out. Traced the linemen to come and fix it up. Start reading the newspaper what’s going on back home in Pakistan.

2:15 PM Went to meet a colleague, since he will be leaving the organisation shortly so paying my last final good bye to him.

3:00 PM My colleague said he will also leave with me, so we pack our bags and headed home, dropping him. He was going to arrange a big poetry get together inviting poet from Sub Continent.

3:45 PM Arrived home, check my beauties how they went.

5:00 PM Technician came, get along with him to show around things, while he fix the things, perform my afternoon Asar prayers.

6:00 PM Technician left, fixing the internet and the phone line, than have relax for a while, check and reply to comments on WP.

6:30 PM Come to bedroom to sit and relax with wife, while we talked what to do later in the evening, since the weekend start.

7:00 PM Went for after sun set prayers (Magrib), came home, have to leave with carpenter to purchase a cupboard.

8:30 PM Came home without luck, since we couldn’t find a carrying truck to pick the cupboard from the place to my home, as the cupboard couldn’t come in my car. So decided to come on Friday with the carrying truck.

9:00 PM We left home, to see where to dine out, couldn’t able to decide where to eat. Called my colleague who knows couple of good dine out place to eat. By the time, I was driving since I haven’t eat. My sugar level went to reserve tank, and I was dead tired. Decided to have a takeaway instead and came home back.

10:00 PM Reach home, have our dinner, my daughter not in mood to eat from her mother, so yesterday was Father day for her. So she started eating from me. Than we decided to leave tomorrow morning to another city Makkah for Friday congregation.

10:30 PM My wife pushed to finish the evening prayers, I was dead exhausted, tired, can’t lift my eyes even. So put my daughter next to me while I started Issah prayers, and while finishing each set of prayers, putting one or two spoon of rice so that she could finish by the time I finish my prayers.

11:00 PM I am on my bed finally, and than don’t know which beach I went to sleep.


4:00 AM Woke up and my wife up for Morning (Fajr) prayers, wife didn’t able to sleep. Left for Masjid / Mosque came back, and immediately did my General Dave Routine as soon as I step in house.

5:24 AM We decided to leave home at 7:00 AM so we try to sleep a little bit more 😛

8:30 AM I woke up, and she was sleeping, I woke her to check whether she is still interested in going, we decided to leave tomorrow. I try to charge my body to wake up.

9:45 AM Came to next room, to write the What I learn today blog. Than my daughter was up.

10:30 AM She said, that I should read her stories, so started reading her stories, than teach her how words are making up. Small 3 letter words.

11:15 AM We start our breakfast, and having a casual day, for the rest of the day what to do.

11:45 AM Take the shower, to go for Friday Congregation to Masjid / Mosque.

1:30 PM Came back home, wrote General Dave Routine Blog. And than going through the WP blogs and comments.

2:00 PM Start writing this blog, now 2:23 PM is going on.

4:00 PM Will first go to Masjid / Mosque for Asar Prayers and than go with the carpenter to purchase the cupboard and come home to fix it up.

7:00 PM Will go for Sunset Prayer (Magrib) and than will take family out for dinner or something else.

8:30 PM Will go for Night time prayers (Issah).

9:30 PM Will try to come back home, and settle down so that we can leave home tomorrow morning early to Makkah around 80 km from here and come back same day.

10:00 PM Will do the General Dave Routine, plus write the blog for it, and also try to seek what I learn today.

So this is how my whole day went or going to be. So how is your day going! Share your routine.

59 Replies to “Objective of the day – May 18/19, 2017”

    1. Thanks appreciate you like it. Basically my this series of blog is a bit different. But I have been quite busy, mainly due to Ramadan is coming. And loads of things to finish. So focusing on clearing those thing.

      Plus already have my main Objective on April 30th, so basically following that list.

      This one is basically for my daily readers, as to what is going at my end. Since I interact with them quite alot.

    1. Yes it’s so hectic and busy. Will be putting a post upon it as to my schedule. I guess it will hard to even blog during that time.

      Our office hours reduced, bit the work pressure remains the same more or less. So less time to sleep and rest even

                  1. Visiting my cousinsister, whom I didn’t see for almost 1year.. so excited cuz of this that I couldn’t even sleep 😅

                    1. Yea actually since I moved to Istanbul and she is living in Germany, we have rare occasions

                    2. Husband and me are born and have been grown in germany, then just spontaneously we moved to Istanbul. In agreement and I really like it in Istanbul. It is one of most beautiful cities in this world

                    3. Actually my mothertongue is turkish, the real problem was the culture shock😅😅 as I only knew european culture

                    4. Economy is extremely good sükür ya Rabbi. It wasn’t easy but when u get use to lifestyle actually u dont wanna miss it

                    5. I would suggest in spring…it’s not too hot and city council decorate everywhere with beautiful tulips as it is symbol of Turkey

                    6. Yep… btw in Ramadan it’s also very very beautiful in Istanbul. The atmosphere is completely in holy signs

                  1. Tysm for encouraging words… I alwys say to my beloved ones “we can live in this world with sickness, till we die; but how long we can stay in endless fire in hereafter?”

                    1. Ameen Summa Ameen. I don’t know why,these days I am remembering death and sacred of it, how the darkness of grave will be and the horror of questions till Day of Judgement will be. 😨😢😢😢😢

                    2. Bhai,this shows ur deep Iman insallah!! Remembering death is one of most things what Allah loves us to do!! Inshallah if we somehow manage to keep our imaan, we will be guarded in cennah in the end

                    3. Yes my dear sister, I pray in this period of trial and fitnas plus the sign of Dajjal is everywhere, I pray that every Muslim holds its Eman.

                      Since a person will be Muslim in the morning and do kufr in the evening. So imagine the time how hard it will be.

                    4. Now my tears run… pray for all ummet. For muslims who suffer endless agony cuz only they are musalmans… may Allah help them. Elhamdülillah I somehow survive with daily problems but they are in bigger need then everyone of us… may Allah give them my happiness

                    5. I pray for everyone, and yes you are right, countless people are in trouble no one to ask or help them. I feel about them. Specially Syria my heart bleed for them

                    6. Syria I wish pray and hope this stop soon. Imam Mehdi comes soon. It’s disturbing to read about them. But the level of faith they are showing we should learn

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