200 up

A motivation lesson to all new blogger, I started this blog in 2010, and hardly wrote till March 2017, 8 blog post. 

I credit one small lady who I guess is in her teens in grade 8 or 10, encouraging me to get out of my shell. 

It’s what is all required, I always had that passion to write. I don’t see whether it’s perfect or not, as long as I write what it serves the purpose, which is to discover myself. If you read it on the Home page of mine. I am on a journey to self discovery, with all of you. 

This achievement wouldn’t have come unless, we all dont interact with each other. 

This post is for every new and sacred blogger, come out and write. This community is all about backing each other up.

I found amazing people over here,  who I don’t know, who don’t know me. Where I found I am ranting about myself. They are covering my back.

So interact with your followers, wholeheartedly, don’t look at follower or like or comment Base.  

I am getting these days loads of traffic, and I want to interact! So whoever I haven’t yet. I will as this is my style of blogging. 

I am also very great full to all those who come regularly and take out time. I won’t put everyone names, since you all are close to me. Part of this won’t be possible without you all!!! 

56 Replies to “200 up”

    1. My aims are different than post, My aim is to discover myself. I write for myself. So when I felt I need break I break, but when I want to express I just kept on going and going.

      I tend to have an objective for whatever I do, there should be a purpose which backs it up. Rather than just doing it for the sake of doing it.

      I just wish the passion and thrill stays inside me with the encouragement and appreciation I get from people like you towards me, which kept me going like this.

    1. Affone kateeran, shukaran kateeran, Waalahe you are the guys should be credited for this success, since you come daily and comment and pass your time and appreciate what I have to express. Hadn’t for you guys, this would be hard.

      1. Oh shukran maalem walhe, enta maalem kbeer, Taman ! Shukran for the nice words, really appreciated, I have daily glance on your blogs, because it is really interesting topic you have, as I like the way of your writing your pieces, it is based on reality and your experience alike, saw your posts plausible there’s no over exaggeration on your topics, which it was forced me to go deeply in reading about what you write as you are deep thinker, keep it up! 😃

        1. wow wow wow now that’s a heavy comment I would say.

          And I am humbled by it. Won’t say much except your gratitude out mark everything. Glad to find a hidden gem like you at my end.

                  1. You too, wallah, lano ” because” nice people who only can find hidden gems in worldwide, shukran, enta Fe mennak, means” no person like you due to you due your generosity😊

        1. That’s why it says, everything we have a responsibility. Once an arrow is left it never meant to come back. So make every word count.

          I now know people follow my move, so I have to perform.

          1. So true! and I love the way you´ve explained it. I´ll be more carefull with words 😉
            Btw, no pressure, we follow to encourage you!

          1. Sorry, no celebrities :/
            Businessmen and some local millionaires (really strange individuals), but they are not really celebrities 😀

                  1. Sure! For example, I trained the director of the Galician museum of the sea. He´s also college teacher of Galician history. There is a fascinating prehistoric necropolis: the island of the dead. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wSF3tHR5pEI Sorry, it´s in galician, but I´m sure you´ll enjoy the views.
                    Another client, librarian, managed years ago to bring Albert Hoffman (the father of LSD) to Galicia for a talk. Mr Hoffman (97 years old then) learned Spanish in 3 days! I admire Hoffman since my college days, and I made my client a ton of questions about him 🙂 He actually told me he felt sad I couldn´t met him 😀

          1. I´m certified by the IFBB, and as you know bodybuilding is all about gaining lean muscle and losing fat 🙂
            I´ve also trained a couple of basketball teams, and lately I developed skills to sneak effective workouts into tight schedules… businessmen, right? 😀

              1. Yes, it´s international recognised, IFBB means International Federation of BodyBuilding. Luckily for me, the headquarters are in Madrid, Spain so I didn´t need to go out of country 🙂
                It´s one year focused on muscles, exercises, training methods, nutrition, biology, and marketing (this last part was really helpful extra subject, btw). After passing the theoretical exams, six more months of practice with real people, and we have to send all the data of at least one client, during that time, to obtain the certification. After that, we´re ready to roll 😀

                  1. How is anyone charging for an advice or a tip? Hehe! Certainly, it´s not a full service, but I´m used to answer questions for free 🙂

                    1. OMG! LOL!
                      Now anyone can use a counter calories app, I think myfitnesspal is the most famous. All apps shoulb be based on USDA food composition database: https://ndb.nal.usda.gov/ndb/search/list
                      Anyway, counting calories is a really bad idea 🙂 We should track how much protein, carbs, and fat we eat.

                    2. I am an Asian, I don’t know how much data is available in this regard, but what I have observed it’s difficult to calculate. Because many things are not available in that data.

                    3. So, the food you are looking for is not on the USDA list? That´s surprising.
                      For example, I had to check all the Asian vegetables, and I found them there. But there are so many foods listed, that anything can be possible.

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