What I learn today – May 17, 2017

Today’s lesson is the personal crux of my life. A question I seek in old people mainly a lot.  And I want your views over it.

My question to you all readers are: 

What are your principle of life. Do you know what is principles of life?

I am seeking answers for myself as well for a long time. I haven’t had set written principle. But I do have certain principles that I uphold at all cost. 

34 Replies to “What I learn today – May 17, 2017”

  1. I learned this by putting together a mission statement. Steven Covey provided me a way to do this. You can Google Steven Covey “Mission Statement” and you’ll get a link I find all the time. Anyways:
    Be healthy by eating right, sleeping, meditating, taking my vitamins, and exercising
    Be wealthy by being satisfied with what I have right now and expressing gratitude for the privilege of living this life
    Be Intelligent by reading daily and learning new things
    Be Spiritual by reading my Bible daily and attending Bible classes often
    Be Happy by realizing that we choose our moods, they are not chosen for us
    Be Charitable by wishing others well, helping when and where I can, and contributing my words publicly with the hope they inspire others to do the same
    Be Sociable by staying in touch with friends, spending time with my family, and helping my friends when I can
    Be Wise by learning from my mistakes and the mistakes of others and avoiding those mistakes in the future
    Be Disciplined by keeping my word to myself and others, by doing the things other people cannot or refuse to do
    Be Loving and Caring by listening to people and empathizing with them, particularly when they are having a rough time. Be willing to do for others without recognition or reward.
    Be Courageous by standing up for my principles, by being myself, and saying something if it’s wrong

    1. I think I have rightly put the title General towards you.

      I am humbled with your input. I have jolt this down at my end.

      It’s exactly something I was looking to shape my things at my end.

      I know for sure, me and the present generation have forgotten to make these principles of life as agenda item to follow their life.

      Very very few parents tend to do it.

      I will re re re read it, several times to grasp it fully. I am happy many of the principles you mentioned I follow it.

      Thank you so much, you show your personality a lot from this comment!!!

      Glad to follow you and have a solid input on this question.

      Can’t thank you enough

  2. Yes, I have principles of life. “Complicated rules to adjust behavior are a weak substitute for simple principles.” Mary Wollstonecraft. That is one of them.

    1. Honestly I have read your principles for a number of time, to take its depth. It’s a very in depth soul searching principle.

      Appreciate your input, means a lot. Since this will help me in defining my principles as well.

      So it’s very dear to have a reply. Appreciate you for it.

  3. Treat others how you wish to be treated. Love unconditionally. Be positive. Don’t ever cause hurt to my family and loved ones. And in the words of Ellen, “be kind to one another”.

        1. See I told you yesterday, I can pretty much tell or judge a person character.

          I told you, when we sit, I am sure I will see plenty of colors. And I love to hear about such people.

          One day might write a book for the future generations that this used to be people at one time not long ago!

          1. Hopefully we will have a chance for meeting, as it would be great for me to learn from your experiences

  4. My life principle:
    1. give without expecting back
    2. never take anyone granted
    3. don’t judge, everything what you ll judge, will happen to you
    4. don’t trust people

    1. Except of 3 I have the same principles, but have dogmatic believe over it

      As for 3rd, I was an auditor, so I observe people as to whether they lie or not. I read faces, and I read faces a lot. Majority of time, my judgement is quite 100% right Alhamdolillah. And my wife also surprised by the analysis of mine. Can’t help myself.

      But I judge every person equally, it’s like when they have a story to tell me, so I judge whether they are honest or lying!

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