What I learn today – May 16, 2017

It was a drama day for me today, but I was thinking what I have learned from all this drama. Didn’t checked my WP that actively today, the 2nd post I read was posted by my sister from another mother. She shared a lovely post from another blogger. I am sure you have went through it as well, since I have read this before as well, so thought to share with you overhere. And it’s quite true, what we go in daily life routine when we deal with complex situation in office and at family.

And you will be surprised, I did exactly the same at my end. I was holding the issue, till yesterday, but today when I released the steam from my heart. I felt lighter.

A teacher in psychology class put a glass of water in one hand and said if I hold it for 10 second what will happened. The class replied nothing. What if I hold it for the 1 minutes, will I be able to hold it? The class replied yes! What if I hold it for 10 minutes? The class say yes but with slight difficulty. What if I hold it for 1 hour? The class unanimously says, this will be way difficult and impossible.

She said, similar is our life issues, the more we hold it, the more difficult they becomes for us. So try to release from your heart and mind all the stress, discomforts, issues in order to become light.

23 Replies to “What I learn today – May 16, 2017”

  1. I think ,This short video was uploaded in 2009, I will review my saved, if I find it, I can send you the link for further details, colors of my life, ya maalem! 🙂

  2. Very interesting, I have watched the video, I listened to it precisely, so fantastic to persuade others by using this way, it is such near to the reality , but the reality itself!

  3. :). Beautiful! Well explained. Its not always easy to let go off things. But, in other way its not that tough also
    Once it done it gives great mind peace and relaxation.

    1. Yes it’s not easy, but have too. I got hooked up the same situation yesterday. So when I left it out from my side. I felt light. You already saw the list of objectives I have achieved yesterday.

      That’s the after effect of it.

  4. I think…there are helping angels spreaded all over this world by Almighty; and in times when we really feel weak and like we’ve lost the battle then he makes us meet with them.
    Seeing this post right now after such a very very hard day, I knew immediatly you are one of his angels, reminding me to smile trough sad days…
    Being mentioned is a great honor…shukriya 🙂

    1. Thanks Cory, glad you liked it.

      So did you learn today? Anything new. This series is about, what I learn every day. Something new or interesting or forgotten things.

      We all learn something new, it’s just we don’t focus. Like in this lesson.

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