Objective of the day – May 16, 2017

It’s been somewhile, since I have updated my objectives, it’s not that I am not following my objectives. But I have been busy in many fronts. So keeping a new list is quite difficult. I usually write my objective post, as soon as I reach office within 10 – 15 minutes I post it. However, these days I couldn’t able to get 10 – 15 minutes even.

For those who are new to my end, I would first say welcome to you!

So thought to update my objectives of the day, at the end of the day atleast:

  • Morning
    1. Finished the Income Accrual for Commodity, Islamic Sales, Trade Finance.
    2. Reconcile the whole accrual of the Commodity area and identify issues. Β 
    3. Discuss the issue of the Treasury, with the boss in detail.
    4. Finish the settlement process of one sister concern.Β 
    5. Send the documents of Sukuk for payment.
    6. Attend the Bank Reconciliation Meeting.Β 
    7. Submit the medical bills.
    8. Apply for my vacations.
    9. Talk to Mr. S about the purchase of cupboard.
  • Evening
    1. Relax
    2. Write the below post:
      • General Dave Routine.
      • What I learn Today.
      • Objective of the day.
      • Start completing number of awards post (I will be bombarding with loads of Awards post shortly)
      • Complete the General Dave Routine.
      • Go to sleep early.


45 Replies to “Objective of the day – May 16, 2017”

  1. Great post! And thanks for the follow! I dont know how you get time to post multiple times a day, but keep it up. Your posts are very enjoyable. πŸ‘πŸ»

    1. It takes me max 20 minutes to write all of them.

      I am blessed that my typing speed is 90wpm with 90% accuracy. What I tested long time back. Make it 80 now.

      So what I am thinking I am typing. So saves a lot of my time.

      My post usually are 1 – 2 minutes read. I don’t want readers to spare more time. Just concentrate on the material rather dialogue. Although the initial part is usually a dialogue.

      Glad you enjoyed it, but I will be happy to see the adoption of practice at your end.

    2. You are most welcome for the following part. Unfortunately, these I couldn’t able to get time to read each follower end. The number of followers suddenly jump at my end.

      And I couldn’t able to go to their end, and see who and what they do.

      But be patience, I will knock at everyone doors. Don’t want to many followers just to have a meaningful interaction, which I personally prefer.

      Less is more at my end.

      1. Well you certainly aren’t lacking interaction with me. You’re doing a great job! Keep it up! Your followers would really appreciate your posts, even if some of them don’t end up interacting with you.

        1. I keep the interaction quite a bit that’s my style of doing things.

          But with so many has come up suddenly. I am facing tough time catching up. Don’t want to lose the lose ground and also don’t want to give up the new turf. πŸ˜‰

          Where are you from?

  2. maintaining daily to do list is a bit hectic, but, this is very interesting to do such things in that way.. even I have also started doing the same…. thanks πŸ™‚

    1. I have this another theory which I am presenting. I am not showing this as Things to do, rather it’s like objectives to achieve.

      The theory is, we lost that passion and ambition after a while when we maintain this Things to do. We have to do it anyway.

      However, what my prospective is, if we make it as an objective, we still have to do it, the difference is you will feel psychological gain that you achieve something. You might be doing the same thing without giving credit for it.

      With this you are giving that pat on the back, that you achieve something. It’s motivation that’s push us towards determination and that will kept us going.

      Now if you look into this prospective, how I do I felt good. But if I take the same thing like the old fashion thing of things to do. I will be having the same feeling of boredom.

      So I am tricking my mind into self confidence and self building / development measure.

      1. It sounds like a great idea. I used to place all kinds of objectives and tasks in my deceased bullet journal. Have you ever tried it? You could check Pinterest to get a better idea. It involves a lot of creativity, self-love and planning your next day at night. I had a lot fun doing that. If you love paper, go for it.

        1. I prefer the blog because I am presently the Things to do as objectives to achieve. Both are same, the difference is the mindset.

          After taking each thing as objectives, on completing it, you have this feeling you achieved something a milestone. Rather simply I have completed one thing

    1. Thanks for looking at my objectives of the day.

      I am a
      – fund manager,
      – dealing with financial side of treasury,
      – Capital
      – Trade Finance on country level
      – Interfund Specialist

      These are my responsibilities in office mainly.

      What you do?

  3. Best of luck with keeping up. Sleeping early is an objective of mine too, but I’m clearly still awake and it’s 1:12 am here!

    1. I was auditor in Big 4 Audit firms for 11 years, I use to wake up at 8 or 9am and sleep 2am usually.

      And on pressure clients, I used to work for 36 hours straight.

      But when my daughter is born, she doesn’t sleep without me, till now.

      So my routine changed, I go to bed by 9 – 9:30 pm but these days stretched to 10:30 – 11:00pm

      So get married and have children is the key at my end, try it you never know what will come. πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

      1. At such a young age I cannot even imagine being that busy! Although, I have slept at 3am and woken up at 6 for exams, but that sounds like a whole new level of stress. Seems like I need to get married as soon as I come of age πŸ˜‚

        1. O I didn’t know you are that young from your picture.

          Well in my personal opinion, one should get married very young. For men above 23 or 24 max. Than you can enjoy your life with your partner a lot more.

          Divide your study into part and than try it. Make summary and than executive summary. So take the crux of the issue. I use to study like as if I am a teacher, that helps a lot.

          But since its exam time, study for the exam rather for the teacher.

          Wish you best of luck

          1. Wish I would’ve done that during my exams, would’ve relieved a lot of stress. I’m just waiting on the final results now haha, and working on internships and just honing my writing in general.

            I also think getting married early is a good idea. If you’ve known your partner long enough then it shouldn’t be much of an issue to marry them early!

            Thank you!

              1. I’ve completed giving my exams in March, took English, Elective English (which is just more in-depth English for the literature nerds and the teachers aren’t interested in us at all), Physics, Chemistry and Computer Science.

                I enjoyed the English subjects and computers since I’m fascinated by programming, but I’m so glad to just be free of science! I’ve applied for a B. A. in English in certain universities, but am still considering dropping a year.

                1. If you love programming you need to be good in Maths, like really if you want to go in more advance programming.

                  I advice you to go to free code camp
                  the best website to learn free coding. I don’t know whether you have heard about it.

                  There are others but prefer this.

                  You more prefer to study the English literature side, I believe. What you plan to do in future!

                  1. It’s fine, I had to workout as well!

                    Hated chemistry too, probably my worst exam πŸ˜… Programming has become more of a hobby now that I’ve left Maths. I will try out the code camp website, it sounds interesting! I tried Khan Academy for a while but it got boring fast for some reason.

                    Yes I do plan to take up English! Perhaps a career in publishing or editing in the future, I love literature.

                    What subjects did you take at school? Since we had chemistry in common it seems!

                    1. I have started with Science. Except of Chemistry because my teacher was way poor in teaching us. Else all others I love. Since I love to see things coming into shape. So Biology and Physics was excellent. Maths was poor since didn’t get proper teaching. Else I might be good.

                      With chemistry I didn’t get atom and neutron and all that mumbo jumbo.

                      Freecodecamp is way awesome than Khan Academy. It’s very easy to go. I am sure you will love it.

                      In school it was science than switched to commerce than afterwards I take on numerous subjects. If I get an interest in anything i go into it. 😊😊😊

                    2. Our chemistry teacher didn’t even complete our syllabus. Half of the topics we were examined on were self-studied!
                      I was poor in Physics, but I loved genetics in Biology. I couldn’t handle studying it along with Physics and Chemistry though and they were compulsory subjects, so I had to leave it behind. Genetics is really very fascinating to me.
                      Thats a great attitude to have! I think schools have more if a “mug-it-up” vibe than actual learning, at least where I live, so I’ve always been a proponent of being curiosity and self-learning!

                    3. Where are you from? Sorry can’t able to recall.

                      It’s these same issues, We are giving homeschooling to my daughter. Because the schools are sucks big time these days in providing education in my views.

                    4. I’m from Delhi, capital of India πŸ™‚
                      I agree, but homeschooling doesn’t really happen over here. I’m curious, how do you homeschool her? Do you hire tutors or do you teach her all subjects by yourself?

                    5. Homeschooling network is everywhere in the world.

                      Me and wife see her present age syllabus, and than download various things online. And do homework with her.

                      On top of it, I didn’t confined her to a fix syllabus, giving her every flavor.

                      She knows 4 language 2 of them are fluent and the other 2 we are working on it.

                      I felt that schools these days, limit the syllabus, children are more capable of doing the things.

                      They want to explore into different arena. Google and read about Finnish system, it’s so awesome. You will be surprised as to how schools are over there. If you don’t have any idea.

                      They are the trend setter in the whole world at the moment, so more or less giving her the same feel to the best we can.

                    6. Yes I’ve read about the Finnish system, they do such a great job at encouraging creativity! I don’t think most countries do that, and children tend to be so creative. That instinct is killed.

                      Your system sounds quite good, I haven’t heard of anyone homeschooling amongst the people I know! Knowing 4 languages is amazing, most schools don’t even offer foreign languages it seems.

                      I’m sure your daughter will turn out to be a very well-rounded person the way you’re raising her!

                    7. Yes that’s the objective let see how it actually goes. It’s a tough job mind you. In the morning, my wife gives time, and she don’t do anything else.

                      When I comes back, she goes for cooking and other stuff and I handle her.

                      I am surprised you didn’t know about the network.

                    8. Haha guess it just never came to my notice!

                      You seem to be doing quite well despite how busy you are, your daughter is lucky πŸ™‚ I wish you the best of luck!

                    9. Well I managed my things, according to priorities.

                      Read the Objective post of April 30, 2017. It might be beneficial for you as well. I am dogmatic follower of this approach at my end.

                    10. Will look forward to your critical analysis, which I am more interested, praises appreciation one usually gets. The main thing is to challenge those logics.

                      Which I have a hunch you have that germs to challenge, I have a guts feeling!

                2. I hate chemistry!

                  Sorry to cut our conversation, I was driving to office. Now reach offish, have to prepare from some hard hitting meeting in 45 minutes time, will be having loads of fight with people today.

  4. It looks like you’ve been pretty productive so farπŸ‘πŸ½βœ¨ you’ve got a good amount of the list complete already

    1. Actually these days, it’s all Quintox days at my end. lol

      So I am not making as such what are my objectives at the start of the day.

      I am planning something and things comes in between and I have to start and end it immediately.

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