General Dave Gardner Routine – May 15, 2017

If you have read my post What I learn – May 09, 2017. I shared with you my conversation with one blogger by the name of Dave Gardner. The addition of title General is from myself as a show of respect towards him, since he is a retired US Servicemen.

He adviced me, to start a routine which should be simple and ridiculously easy, but do it at the same time, same set, everyday. So to start the habit.

So I am happy to tell you. Today I have started it, I am very determined to continue it daily, as suggested by General Dave, and will add anything new to routine next week.

I started with only 5 pushup. And I could barely able to do it. Imagine that, how my fitness level is. In order to pressurize myself only, my current weight I believe is around 130kg aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh and waist line must be going around 42 inch atleast 😦

So I am determined to change it, I had a surgery 2.5+ years back and I was a regular gym person. But since I have left, my diet I have full control, but can’t able to reduce my weight. So here I am on a journey to change myself.

See you guys tomorrow!!!


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