When me and my wife, first saw this project, we fall in love with it. We decided to do it immediately, but couldn’t able to pull up. Since we are busy in arranging and organising things which are higher priority list.

But finally, we are able to complete it together, this one DIY is so simple and beautiful, that after its completed you also wish to do it. All you need is ANY printer, it’s not necessary you have color or laser and clear tape.

How you like the looks of empty kitchen bottles / jars / makeup kit / storage box ? with the below technique you can easily put a customised print design as per your liking. Do you like to change the look of your empty bottle from this:


To this:


How do you like it? I love it simply. Here what you have to do:

Step 1: Put the names or design on a piece of paper that you like to place, and take the print out. It can be anything you like.


Step 2: Put on top of each name / design, Scotch tape try to use a credit card to flattened the surpass, this step is a bit tricky. Be maximum careful in it. Afterwards, cut them according to your liking as to how the label should be.


Step 3: Once done, place each of them in water, such that it submerge in it completely for 1 to 2 minutes max 4 to 5 minutes. Don’t worry, the scotch tape, stickiness won’t get off. Make sure it’s complete submerged. The paper will started to roll don’t worry. Let it be!

20170508_205732 Step 4: Remove the label from the water, and gently rub off the paper from the tape. The more you keep it submerged the better it gets to rip off the paper, else it will remain stick to the scotch tape than it will be difficult to get it out.

Step 5: Remove this paper completely, till all the white surface is gone. Remember, try to remove the best you possibly can. Don’t worry at all, that it won’t stick. The stickiness will remain. Once done. Keep it for 5 minutes to dry it. Once it dry you can now place your label / design on your empty kitchen bottles / jars / makeup kit / storage box or anything you like.

Hurray! it’s done, another objective done and dusted!!!


Tell me how you like it? Try it and let me know, I am quite excited about it as to how you like it. Since we love it.



39 Replies to “DIY – LABELS”

        1. Well the most tricky part in this. Is to put the tape on the labels. And to flatten it with credit card or any card. Since I have to tried a number of time. That it comes properly. But I guess it was my tape issue, always ruining it. So that you have to be carefully. Else it’s very simple!

  1. Wow! I love it, I’ve never seen this DIY before yet it looks so simple to do. I’ll have to give it a try once I have a printer lol. The salt one almost looks like it was made that way because it came out so clear! Thanks for sharing✨

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