Objective of the day – May 11, 2017

The most quixotic days are happening at my end. Where I don’t know the start and end of the things. I start with one thing, in the middle something else comes up, I have to drop it and restart than something else comes up. 

In times like such where a lot of chaos is seen at ones end, the best is to make the things to do, which is urgent and very important, and take it like this. 

Haven’t able to write about my objectives lately, for that I am sorry, so catching up myself. My today, objectives of the day are: 

  • Morning
  1. Finish and submit the Board Report.
  2. Finish the posting for interfund.
  3. Try to run the interface before I leave office. 
  • Afternoon 
  1. Upload the DIY project post. 😎
  2. Break my fasting for today.
  3. Play with my daughter and enjoy time
  4. Watch the test match between Pakistan vs West indies.

What are your objectives for the day?



42 Replies to “Objective of the day – May 11, 2017”

    1. On definitely yes, I had a very tiring and demanding week.

      So this weekend is like a blessing. So taking the mobile off, and only commenting when family is sleeping or somewhere else.

      Giving maximum to them. It’s really relaxing than to sit in front of cimputer to play game or doing something serious.

      Glad we don’t have TV channels to watch. Else I would waste this time.

  1. It’s nite here for me – am too tired to want to set up tomorrow just yet – cheers me immensely that you work in time for your daughter πŸ™‚

    1. O yes, yesterday when I came back. I was fasting for 15 hrs plus had a board report to prepare, than in the middle something urgent comes up. When I finished both of them. Auditor comes in finished with him.

      And than finally got home, wife needed something so have to take her. Came back than had some quality time with her. But by 10pm I was dead. I just went to bed with her. And I didn’t know when I slept. πŸ˜„

  2. I think my last message sent instead of the correct one sorry if so. My comment is, “oh you do DIY projects cool! I can’t wait to see what it is. I need to post my to do list, it’s kind of short today. And maybe an extra post before the day is over✨”

    1. Sorry it’s been a very long day for me, it started at before 4am and still going.

      So couldn’t able to upload the DIY project. Dead tired and exhausted.

      Had a hectic day but a very fruitful one, I would say!

  3. They all look so pretty especially the Blosson one! I do really like the rainbow one too and the fact that it shows clear. I didn’t know they were thinking of a beauty

        1. Hey that’s great, I love yours and Irish accent for some strange reason. Just want to listen you guys.

          Plus from Scotland I remember Mel Gibson famous movie Brave Heart, my all time favourite.

          BTW heard or correct me if I am wrong, You are having referendum on getting out of UK. Is it true?

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